SETUNEA Natural Handmade Soap.

Bathe the skin in luxury with the finest traditional soap-making expertise and natural ingredients to experience a SETUNEA natural handmade soap that respects your skin. Containing just three natural ingredients, the soaps are produced using traditional techniques, before the mixture is laid out to solidify, and are then carved out and stacked in drying towers for up to 5 months before being packaged. Soap bars are becoming more popular because they reduce waste of a product (you only use what u need) and there is less or none plastic packaging. Disclaimer: I was sent the product free, but this does not change my honest opinion written in my blog posts.
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The SETUNEA natural handmade soap uses the highest concentration of cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil. Incorporating this key-ingredient, SETUNEA only use the highest grade olive oil that has not been refined through heating or chemical treatments as these treatments essentially devalue the natural properties olive oil contains. The century-used ingredient has been applied topically to help and relieve many skin ailments because it possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-ageing properties. The antioxidants contained in olive oil help to fight free radicals that can damage the skin, while also the skin-loving squalene provides hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits for a healthier and balanced moisture-barrier function.
The three natural ingredients in the formula are:
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil (Olea europea) 80%.
  • Water (Aqua).
  • Food Grade lye (Soda).
Disclaimer: The link in blue is NOT affiliated and only used for you to find the product quicker!
Natural soap bars are great to reach for because they contain NO preservatives or additives that can aggravate an already unbalanced and upset skin. The SETUNEA natural handmade soap is packaged beautifully in recyclable packaging and has a soft-moisturising texture when dry and wet. Slightly lathering when wet and applying over the whole body, the skin feels efficiently cleansed without feeling stripped of its natural moisture and there is no oily residue. Treat your hair to a natural cleanse when using the soap bar to rid of any styling products, while also hydrating and nourishing any dry or damaged ends for a natural hair remedy. Washing your hands with the soap will also prevent dry and chapped skin (great for winter) and will also nourish the cuticles to keep nails strong and healthy. Purchase and enjoy the natural benefits the SETUNEA natural handmade soap has to offer, thanks to its rich antioxidant, vitamin, and skin-loving polyphenols content. X Neil.