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Discover Syrene Skincare

Discover Syrene Skincare that presents a results-driven range of products designed to restore, hydrate and boost the skin's natural radiance. The cruelty-free and dermatologically-tested range is made in New Zealand but available to purchase from their website or official distributor's, so everyone can experience this consciously formulated skincare range. All the marine and botanically sourced formulas are housed in repurposed Ocean Waste Plastic whilst Ephemer™ is just one of the key ingredients featured in all of their products. The macroalgae cell extract derived from brown algae (Undaria Pinnatifida) is cultivated in photobioreactors by Syrene to not only ensure stability and antioxidant efficacy, but more importantly this process reduces the environmental footprint and contributes to the sustainable sourcing of this raw material. Repairing the skin at cellular level, Ephemer™ antioxidant concentration is 8 times higher than other seaweed ingredients which means it also

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