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What Stress Does to Your Body And Mind.

What Stress Does to Your Body And Mind. photo by  Francisco Moreno at Unsplash Everyone knows how important it is to stay on top of your health . You can exercise and eat right, but other problems can persist if you are not careful. One of the biggest health issues of today is stress and anxiety. Whether you worry about your job or financial security, or even the future, your body and mind are experiencing problems, too, and here are some common issues to look out for.  Insomnia and Exhaustion   The endless cycle of not being able to sleep and being exhausted the next day is a common occurrence for those who suffer from extreme stress. You might be worried about your workload and important projects that could make or break the company, or you are concerned about finding established medical malpractice attorneys to help friends and family in need. Whatever the reason for your insomnia, you feel too tired to do anything throughout the day, and this can affect your physical health, whic

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