Late Hala - Unique Band - Unique Sound

Late Hala
Late Hala a band with a unique rock alternative sound that they show skillfully on there double 

You wont be disappointed with the two tracks 
"Don't Look Now" and "Dark Clouds" showcasing there unique sound at best with unique vocals, that carries and complements the tracks.
"Don't Look Now" with laid back verses is an alternative magic sound that tells a story in its own way without being in your face. 
The chorus kicks in with heavy drums and guitar skills that any guitar/drum beginner would admire and by the end reaches a point that showcases the musicians talents.
"Dark Clouds" starts off like your in a electronica world with beats dropping at just right the moment. 
The vocals being well placed and telling a story that really does take you on a journey with piano keys bringing a haunting touch to this #PSYCHEDELIC track.
Late Hala are a band to definitely look out for and with a full EP for release in November, be sure to check out this unique band with there unique sound.          :) Neal.