SBC - Affordable Luxury Skincare For The Whole Family

SBC, Simply Beautiful Collection is a British beauty brand you must try.

SBC create practical and effective products whilst also allowing the customer to be indulged in luxury. 
Their many years of botanical know-how whilst also using naturally derived ingredients, makes
SBC a problem solving skincare brand offering you a solution.
All SBC'S iconic collections cater to every skin type and from a huge range they offer, there is plenty to choose from.
Moisturisers, Serums, Polishes, Bath & Body they all prove effectiveness in treating disorders such as blemishes, sensitivity, aches and pains
whilst still providing and maintaining the youthful appearance for the whole family.

The arnica shower creme is naturally moisturising, enriched with arnica to soothe and ease away tensions and aches.
Arnica is one of the most widely used forms of herbal treatment for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Arnica contains Helenalin which is a main restorative compound found in arnica along with flavonoids. These help to soothe and renew the skin after exposure to stress but also there are other benefits which are 
*highly antibacterial
These benefits help in preventing inflammatory skin disorders and can accelerate the healing process by stimulating the formation of granular 
What is also great about this lovely shower creme is that it also is infused with calming lavender and rejuvenating rosemary essential oils.
The sbc's arnica shower creme is especially beneficial after strenuous activity such as sports or when u feel any muscular aches or tension.
This luxury creme comes in a huge 500ml pump bottle that would look gorgeous in any ones bathroom. I really like that this comes with a pump as u can dispense just the right amount for you, rather then wasting product when u have to turn a bottle upside down to access the product and it comes flooding out.
Directions state:
Apply to a damp sponge or wash-cloth,
wash gently as it lathers , rinse thoroughly.
This lathered up really well and the scent was amazing making my senses calm and helping me relax.
My skin felt clean but not stripped of moisture and in fact my skin felt so moisturised, from just one use from this product.
I love this product and its so versatile for all the family, if one is suffering from skin problems to another suffering from aches and pains,
its suitable for everyone and works!
A natural nurturing gel that is enriched with soothing Propolis to cleanse, calm and care for your skin. 
This is an ideal moisturiser for stressed or blemished skin that Propolis will help with its natural healing and also restore moisture and condition to the skin.
Used by bees to seal and protect their hive, Propolis is an exceptional antimicrobial agent that strengthens, soothes and moisturises while also helping reduce issues such as sensitive, problematic, dry and hypersensitive skin.
This non sticky, light textured, water based gel is rich in amino acids, minerals, vitamins and 
bio-flavonoids which lavish the skin with natural nourishing care.
This excellent gel also containing properties:
The SBC'S Propolis skincare gel will keep skin clean and healthy whilst hydrating chapped and scaly skin which is slow to heal.
Smooth over the face and body as a moisturiser,
paying particular attention to areas of intense dryness, blemished or stressed skin and apply as often.
This luxury gel comes in a 500ml bottle with pump. To access the product u turn the pump head one way to dispense the product and when your done u turn the pump head the opposite way to close.
The gel is of a thick consistency so a little goes a long way and soon disperses when the product is moved around.
This has a luxury light scent that smells not over powering but comforting.
I applied the gel to just one area of skin to see and feel, if i could see an improvement.
I could, my skin felt so soft and looked hydrated but more importantly i didn't feel like i had a lot of product applied.
I dislike it when u have applied a product that then leaves u feeling sticky and oily and not really
doing anything but making u feel uncomfortable.
I have to say this gel absorbs really quick!
This is a lightweight product but a heavyweight to combat any skin problem you might have!
After trying both products i can see why 
SBC, SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION is celebrating 25 years of practical, effective, affordable skincare. 
The products are a luxury to use and offer a unique fuss free skincare regime, anyone can use.
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