Steve's Leaves salad bowls

Steve's Leaves are a very successful baby salad leaves brand situated in the UK.
Not only do they grow and provide high quality fresh produce but also continue to find and bring new baby salad leaves to the market for the customer.
Steve's Leaves are not only passionate about food but also the environment and nature, making them the only salad brand to be "certified" by the conservation grade, which in practise means 10% of their land is dedicated to creating habitats for wildlife and boosting biodiversity. This is achieved by following a scientifically validated set of protocols, specific to each site to protect and enhance the wildlife and biodiversity. 
The Steve's "Leaves" consists of:
*Baby Watercress, Wild Red Rocket, Pea Shoots,
*Baby Spinach, Baby Red Cos, Baby Chard, Mizuna,
*Baby Green Batavia, Fennel Tops and Chives.
The "Range" which continually grows to explore new flavours:
*Confetti Coriander with Mild Leaves.
*Red Frilly Mustard with Tender Leaves.
*Fennel Tops and Sweet Leaves.
*Pea Shoots and Baby Leaves.
*Baby Watercress and Little leaves.
Steve's Leaves salad leaves are grown outside all year round in natural sunlight and are grown slowly and naturally and are only washed in spring water.
You can buy each different kind of product either in a 60g salad bag or for the people who want to eat healthier, but don't have the time to prepare a meal, the salad bowls are the perfect choice to pick!
I was lucky enough to be sent two salad bowls which look so appetising and appealing before even opening. 
Perfect Ploughman's:
The Perfect Ploughman's bowl combines the great taste of Red Frilly Mustard, Green Batavia, Crimson Chard and Mizuna leaves with cheddar chunks, pearl onions, mini gherkins and rustic crackers with a delicious pickle dressing. This salad bowl is the perfect ploughman's meal that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day! The salad bowl can serve 1-2 people but i warn you, it tastes that great you will not want to share with anyone!
Terrific Thai Salad:
The Terrific Thai Salad combines Pea Shoots, Baby Spinach, Red Chard and Confetti Coriander with added Coconut shavings, Dried Mango Pieces, Carrot Sticks with a Lemongrass and chilli dressing.
Wow, this certainly is a mouth watering, taste bud sensation salad bowl. I really liked all the flavourings complementing each other and before i knew it, it had all gone! Oops! 
Each salad bowl is available from Waitrose at the price of £2.39, which is great value, for what produce, you get inside. The salad bowls are great to take to work, enjoy at a picnic or eat at any meal time. If you are looking for some great recipes on how to incorporate Steve's Leaves in any home cooking you do, head on over to Steve's Leaves website Click Here which features some great recipes to try! Happy Eating! X Neil.