JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml.

Rejuvenate and target specific skin concerns when using the JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml in your skincare regime. A beauty elixir is different from your usual serums, or oils, by being made up of an exclusive recipe of chosen ingredients that target the problems your complexion maybe suffering from. Incorporating an elixir is essentially important as they add a boost to your skincare regime, without you having to use separate products to achieve the same results.

The JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml is a lightweight oil-free formula that absorbs immediately on application. Combining a powerful combination of ingredients, this anti-age formulation instantly firms and tones, while delivering a luxurious golden glow. Targeting a multitude of skin problems successfully with the niacinamide (Vitamin B3) present and Vitamin C, that are a highly popular skincare ingredient known for their anti-aging benefits. Boost your skins hydration with hyaluronic acid that progressively keeps collagen synthesis up, while helping skin retain its moisture and looking plump. Rich sea buckthorn and apple extracts, high in A, C and E vitamins, signal and stimulate the renewal of skin cells, keep collagen levels maintained and helps protect skin from premature aging.
The Beauty Elixir Key Ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid – one of the most powerful moisturisers, binds moisture and helps to transport oxygen and nutrients to skin-cells, promotes skin-cell renewal and smooths out wrinkles.

Vitamin B3 – improves skin elasticity, smooths wrinkles and evens skin tone.

Vitamin C – stimulates skin’s collagen production, diminishes sun damage and pigment spots, evens skin tone and repairs skin structure, helps to maintain skin´s youthful appearance.

Sea-Buckthorn and Apple Extracts – rich in vitamins A, E and C, stimulate the renewal of skin cells, help to restore skin’s collagen level and protect from premature aging.

Echinacea Extract – a powerful anti-oxidant, an effective hyaluronic acid stimulator and skin soother.

Primula Veris-, Mallow-, Lady’s Mantle-, Melissa- and Yarrow Extracts – soothe, help skin regenerate from daily stress, even skin tone and brighten complexion.

Edelweiss Extract – protects from environmental damage, restores skin’s natural balance and reduces skin sensitivity.

JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml - How To Use.
Shake before use. Apply a small amount on face and neck, you can incorporate the Rejuvenating beauty elixir by applying over your usual serum, then applying your moisturiser. Use both in the morning and evening. Suitable for skin with first signs of aging and mature skin.
The JOIK Rejuvenating beauty elixir 30ml is packaged beautifully in a classic dark bottle with a push down activator button to draw the elixir up in the eye dropper tool. You will notice the elixir is milky in colour, applying clear serums first and then applying milkier coloured formula's is a great tip to follow. Applying onto the skin, the elixir glides over skin easily, a light fruity scent can be detected, before absorbing into skin instantly leaving a natural healthy glow. I was impressed on how quickly my skin felt instantly soft and smooth, without feeling any residue or stickiness, the elixir is undetectable when its absorbed, its gone. You can just about visually detect it, there is little (minute) white glitter particles that are from the ingredient Mica that help illuminate your skin, but you wont look like you have been attacked by a bucket full of glitter, to give your a complexion a natural radiant healthier glow. The elixir arrives and delivers its benefits that maybe your skincare regime maybe lacking, and its all in one product. Find out more and add the beauty elixir to your skincare regime at ManOrganic. X Neil.