Dr Botanicals - Coconut Oil Rejuvenating Body Exfoliating Bar.

Add luxury to your shower or bath routine when including the Dr Botanicals coconut oil rejuvenating body exfoliating bar. The multitasking coconut oil bar offers three main benefits to hydrate, cleanse and gently exfoliate skin, without you having to use different products to achieve the same result. Shredded coconut gently exfoliates the skin while coconut oil moisturises the skin and creamy coconut aroma works to unwind your mind. Included in the bar is the active ingredient "Shell Powder" that contains numerous nutrients to promote collagen, as well as the moisture retaining hyaluronic acid, to name just a few.
The Dr Botanicals coconut oil rejuvenating body exfoliating bar can be used for the face, body and hands for a refreshing cleansing experience. Lathering up in the shower or bath using your hands, gently work all over skin using circular motions to gently remove the dead skin cells from the skins surface. Take a minute to enjoy the uplifting coconut aroma, before rinsing thoroughly to admire your super soft and hydrated skin. The other major factor is the biodegradable particles of the shell powder help it to be an environmentally friendly cosmetic product.
The Dr Botanicals coconut oil rejuvenating body exfoliating bar is part of the vegan range that uses the finest botanical ingredients to create natural and vegan-friendly skincare treatments. All the products are cruelty-free, so u can be assured that Dr Botanicals are kind to animals as they are to your skin, Find out more about the coconut oil rejuvenating body exfoliating bar and purchase from Dr Botanicals today, X Neil.