The Natural Hair Oil From Conscious Skincare.

Revitalise and nourish your hair with one use of the Conscious Skincare jojoba oil that is cold-pressed and organic. The natural remedy for hair contains nourishing vitamins and minerals which include vitamin C, B, and E, while also having a copper, selenium and zinc content. The natural strengthener provides support for weak hair strands and also provides essential moisture to prevent dryness and hair breakage. The many ways you can use this versatile oil in your hair care routine is endless and is suited for all hair types. * Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review, but this does not change my honest opinion written in my blog posts.
The Conscious Skincare jojoba oil arrives in a 100 ml recyclable packaging and is accompanied with a pump applicator for easy dispensing. The Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly oil is cold-pressed which means it is of the highest quality because it has not been refined, deodorised, or processed in any way and contains no chemicals or preservatives. The popular oil is renowned for its hair care benefits and this is why it is usually added and found in your usual shampoos and conditioners for its contribution for promoting stronger, silkier and shinier hair. It can be used on many hair textures and also safe to use on coloured hair without overloading or compromising the hair strands because there are no silicone's found in this natural hair treatment.
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Applying a few pumps of the Conscious Skincare jojoba oil to dry hair before washing will act as a pre-wash nourishing treatment for dry or unruly hair. Leaving on the hair for at least 20 minutes will allow the natural oil to work its magic, while also making sure you lightly massage into the scalp. Jojoba oil is a great natural-alternative to anyone who suffers with a dry or itchy scalp because its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties will soothe and cleanse for a calmer and healthier experience. Adding a few drops into your shampoo will also ensure a hydrating cleanse without stripping the hair of its essential moisture, while you can also add a few drops into your conditioner or mask to boost hydration and nourishing benefits. Applying to hair as a leave-in moisturiser will tame any frizz and boost your daily shine and you can apply to hair before bed for an overnight hair treatment your hair will love. The lightweight and non-greasy oil can be used however you like, involve it into your hair care routine to feel and see the happy hair benefits the natural hair oil provides, X Neil.