L'ODAÏTÈS Elixir Bonheur Anti-Ageing Replenishing Serum.

Support the skins regeneration process at night when applying the L'ODAÏTÈS Elixir Bonheur Anti-Ageing Replenishing Serum onto a freshly cleansed complexion. The multitasking elixir contains precious virgin oils and vitamins that have proven anti-ageing benefits to support and repair skin from the days stresses. Presented in a brown glass bottle with air vacuum, each application provides the skin with a fresh dose of the natural elixir night after night. Disclaimer: I was sent the product for free, this does not influence my review expressed in my blog post. The links in black are not affiliated, they are used for you to find the product quicker.
L'ODAÏTÈS provide a skincare range that is proven to be clinically effective by only using natural ingredients combined with extraction technologies. The treatments they create are highly-absorbed by the skin to deliver protection and nourishment, while all the formulations have a signature scent of neroli to add to the experience of using the products and influence your well-being. The anti-ageing replenishing serum contains a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients and these are:

PRUNUS ARMENIACA (APRICOT) KERNEL OIL - Containing vitamins A & E, the oil nourishes any skin type, while helping with the signs of ageing to firm and tone the skin. 

SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OIL - The vitamin B and E content help to repair any skin damage, while helping to calm and soothe the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS (SWEET ALMOND) OIL - The Vitamin A & E content provide anti-ageing benefits to smooth and refine lines and wrinkles, while also helping the skin retain essential moisture for plump hydrated skin. 

PROPANEDIOL DICAPRYLATE - Emollient used in skin care products to give the skin a light feeling from a product. 

OPUNTIA FICUS INDICA (PRICKLY PEAR) SEED OIL - A high content of vitamins E and K, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. The anti-aging multitasker helps improve fine lines and wrinkles, while aiding the skin with moisture and nourishment. 

PARFUM (FRAGRANCE) - Added into products to help them smell better or influence your well-being. 

ASCORBYL PALMITATE - The stable form of vitamin C, the antioxidant helps to protect the skin from free radical damage, while also helping to improve skin tone for a uniformed complexion.  

CITRUS AURANTIUM AMARA (BITTER ORANGE) OIL -  Anti-septic and anti-inflammatory benefits, it also helps to absorb vitamin C and to stimulate collagen production. 

TOCOPHEROL -  The antioxidant protecting vitamin E that helps keep the skin protected from any free radicals that could potentially damage your skin.  

LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA (LAVENDER) OIL -  The anti-inflammatory benefits of lavender can help reduce a wide range of skin conditions, while also helping to speed up wound healing because of its antibacterial properties. 

ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS (ROSEMARY) LEAF OIL - Provides the skin with iron, calcium and several essential vitamins to protect from free radicals, while also having anti-bacterial properties for a clearer complexion.

HELIANTHUS ANNUUS (SUNFLOWER) SEED OIL - The antioxidant vitamin E that protects the collagen and elastin of the skin, while also helping the skin retain moisture.

LINALOOL - A natural occurring fragrance. 

LIMONENE -  A fragrance component that has some antioxidant benefits. 

GERANIOL - A fragrance ingredient. 

FARNESOL CITRAL - Naturally found in neroli oil, used as a fragrance.  
The L'ODAÏTÈS Elixir Bonheur Anti-Ageing Replenishing Serum is presented in a 15ml bottle with a pump applicator for easy dispensing. Dispensing 2 drops in the palm of your hands and warming the oil a little, apply to the face and neck by pressing the oil into the skin. The consistency of the oil is runny to help it cover a whole area of the face and feels quite light on the skin with a quick absorption time. The skin feels instantly hydrated without feeling greasy or heavy, and the neroli (smells woodsy orange) quietly calms any overactive minds and adds a touch of luxury to your evening skincare routine. The skin looks and feels well-rested in the morning with improved skin tone and a healthier looking glow. Good things come in small packages, try the anti-ageing replenishing serum for yourself to feel and see the benefits, X Neil.