The Eco Cosmetics CC Cream Q10 SPF50 Light Toned.

Achieve a hydrated glowing complexion, whilst colour correcting uneven skin tone, from one application of the eco cosmetics cc cream Q10 SPF50 light toned. Standard CC creams only provide a lightweight cover to hide skin imperfections, without any other beneficial ingredients included. The eco cosmetics cc cream provides lightweight coverage with its light or dark toned formula's, whilst also providing anti-ageing benefits and sun protection, thanks to the Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and Karanja oil included. Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to find the product quicker.
The eco cosmetics cc cream is presented with informative packaging, whilst the formulation is kept clean by being situated in a sealed tub. Unscrewing the lid off, you will be presented by a press & rub button that will dispense the product out, for you to then to apply using your fingers or a brush. I did like this function as you are only using a little of the product at a time, while also the product is kept clean and sanitary because your not dipping in and out of the whole formula with fingers or makeup tools.
Applying to clean skin, the cc cream is your one stop product that u could use on its own because it fulfils your skin care benefits with triglyceride and sodium hyaluronate for hydration, antioxidant activity from OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) grape seed and Q10, whilst zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (mineral sunscreens) are effective in providing protection against the full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation UVA & UVB. Presenting as a fluid in texture, it glides over the skin and blends in easily with a lightweight coverage achieved, though the "light toned" option does present a slight warmth so i would be cautious if you have pale, fair, or a cool toned complexion. I do like how this transforms the skin to appear fresh and dewy, without feeling or looking greasy, whilst the tropical coconut scent that can be detected instantly comforts your wellbeing. Take care of your skins need and appearance when applying the easy-to use light toned cc cream from eco cosmetics, x Neil.