The Best Shave From The Personal Barber.

Experience the best shave at-home when using the products from The Personal Barber subscription box that gets delivered straight to your door. I have used previous shaving subscriptions before but the personal barber sets themselves apart from their competitors by offering premium products to perform a traditional wet-shave routine easily. The hassle-free subscription process ensures you receive your new box every six weeks from when u have signed up (No More Forgetting To Buy Blades) and can be paused if you are away on holiday or to your liking. Every month you get to try new and exciting high-quality products that The Personal Barber have exclusively hand picked for you, whilst there is no canned space foam included, just a shaving routine with luxurious natural soaps and other goodies that awaits your shaving routine. Disclaimer: The links in blue are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the products quicker.
The Personal Barber provides an easy to-follow sign up process on their website that effortlessly glides you through the whole process to join this luxury shave club. The First box includes a safety razor, shaving brush, soap/cream, blades, a handy step by step guide and more, but the most interesting and welcomed addition is the second box and onwards will include completely new products so you will not be sent the same stuff previously that can get boring and repetitive. Keeping your shaving routine exciting and refreshed you can then expect new soaps, blades and extra pre and post-shave products for you to try every time your monthly box is delivered. The box is delivered in recyclable packaging and each product is presented excellently inside with an informative leaflet to explain, here's what is inside:
The Baume pre-shave gel is excellent for all skin types to provide the skin with a burst of hydration whilst protecting the skin from any irritations shaving can bring. Applying a thin layer to wet skin and waiting for it to be absorbed, it is the perfect product that aids in adding an extra protection between your skin and the sharp razor blade, before applying the shaving cream.
The Mondial mandarin and spice shaving cream is presented as a hard texture but soon transforms to a rich lather when whipping it up with your shaving brush included. The unique fragrance influences your wellbeing and brings luxury to your shaving routine, whilst the perfect formulation protects and conditions the skin throughout your shaving routine.
The Personal Barber alum block is a natural stone that provides an antiseptic action whilst also helping to stop the bleeding from those pesky razor cuts by constricting the blood vessels. Applying to a freshly damp skin after shaving, you can monitor if your blades need changing or u need to take extra care in your shaving routine by the sting (Extra Care Needed) or no sting (You Are Doing Great) experienced.
The Perma-Sharp super and Bluebird high stainless replacement blades both provide a superior close shave with longevity that lasts from 4-8 shaving experiences. Perma-sharp have built a reputation on how their blades perform whilst Bluebird are a new brand that coat their blades with the lastest technology to improve razor glide and performance. The blades can be recycled after use unlike plastic cartridge razors!
The Personal Barber shaving brush is made with high quality synthetic hairs that provide softness and longevity when including it in your shaving routine. Whipping up any shaving cream to create a foam, the brush also helps to gently exfoliate the skin and help coat all facial hair for an excellent close shave. Remember to rinse off the brush and leave to air dry to be ready for your next shaving experience.
The Personal Barber double edged safety razor provides a thin head to give you a perfectly controlled shave even for beginners. The solid metal razor feels like luxury in your hand and provides an excellent shave when directing it at 30 degrees for the blade to just touch the skin. Changing the blades is quick and easy by simply unscrewing the handle and placing the blade between both head plates, before reassembling.
Shaving isn't just about taking a razor to your face and hoping for the best, it is about ensuring the best shave possible whilst respecting the skin each time its performed. Achieving the best shave is made possible by what is offered and included in The Personal Barber kits because they offer pre-shave and post-shave products to ensure this. The razor performs excellently once u have mastered the technique of maintaining the 30 degree angle for the blade to slice across the hairs rather than scraping along the base of them, to leave you with a smooth and irritation-free shave! Experience the best shave possible and transform your grooming routine when using The Personal Barber that delivers the finest shaving products delivered straight to your door, x Neil.


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