Experience Bubble T Cosmetics Added To Your Bath!

Take your bathing experience to a unique level when adding any of the Bubble T Cosmetics to your running bath. Presenting a range that utilises tea-based properties, they also capture the imagination of any age-range by the fun and creative packaging whilst also being budget friendly. The bath and beauty products are paraben, SLS, and cruelty free whilst sensitive skin can enjoy the products because no harsh chemicals are included in the formulations. Launched in 2014, Bubble T has seen their product range expand due to popular demand and these include popular tea flavours, just don't drink them! Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to find the product quicker and discover them,
The Moroccan Mind Tea Bath Infusion Bags deliver the perfect antidote to relieve any aches or pains with its unique combination it includes. Tea and fruit notes are blended with sweet peppermint and Goji berry extracts to not only provide a much needed influential well-being treat, they also deliver nourishment to all skin types. Dropping a bag under warm-running water to allow the tea bag to diffuse, it will lightly fragrance and soften the water in the process. Removing the bag before you get into the water, lay back and breathe deep to take advantage of the magical aroma it provides. I love how budget-friendly these are at £4.99 to create your own spa treatment at home and leaves the skin feeling silky and moisturised.
Everyone loves a bath bomb to watch it fizz and transform the water, but the Moroccan Mind Tea Bath Bomb Fizzer offers so much more! Envelope the senses from the Moroccan mint and white jasmine while the hydrating formula leaves skin feeling comfortable. Dropping into warm running water and watching the water turn blue, step in and lay back to enjoy the benefits the Goji berry extract and essential oils bring to your bath. Bringing a fun factor combined with therapeutic and skin-friendly benefits, the bath fizzer is budget-friendly and priced at £2.99!
Bubble T Cosmetics provide a unique range of skincare, gift sets, and bath and shower products for the whole family to enjoy, x Neil.