The Little Rick CBD Drinks You have To Try!

Taste the refreshing Little Rick CBD drinks that feature real fruit juice and natural flavourings to quench your thirst, anytime you need it. Keeping the calories low, each drink contains naturally occurring cannabinoids that are protected in their recyclable can containers to ensure stability and high-quality with each swallow. Little Rick is based in the UK and are a cannabis company that specialise in producing unique CBD drinks while their cannabinoids stem from EU approved hemp strains, their drink range is considered THC free. Disclaimer: The links in blue are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the products quicker.

The Little Rick drinks are not just another CBD drink, the technology they have put into their product elevates them into a league of their own, rather than just cashing in on the popular CBD market. The vegan-friendly drinks contain CBD, CBC, and CBG in a technology driven formulation that ensures maximum absorption within the bloodstream of the body. Finishing one can on a full stomach, it will take 30 minutes for the three cannabinoids to reach the blood stream while the effects will last 6-8 hours. Dont worry though this drink is legal as it does not contain the psychoactive component of cannabis (THC) that gives you the feeling of being stoned, get to know this innovative brand more from the questions i asked.

What inspired the little Rick development? / How are they different from other CBD products available? 
We were early adopters of CBD several years ago and we recognised how much CBD helps people (us included). Just over 1 year ago we noticed that due to the huge popularity, many companies started adding CBD even at trace amounts just to add CBD to the product and charge a premium. A lot of products and companies just used CBD as a Gimmick or add CBD isolate which does very little. While CBD gets all the lime light - it's actually the combination of different cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes which create the positive effects.
Our drinks are made with a combination of the above and we extract all of that from the hemp plant without isolating one compound. If we are looking for a different effect we use a different strain of the plant. We wanted to provide people with CBD, at a reasonable price - and we thought this would only really work in a drink.
To understand why it would work in a drink best - you need to understand bioavailability and understand that putting oil on your tongue only a small % of that oil will end up in your bloodstream.
As an example with a bioavailibility of 10% - if you purchase 10mg of CBD actually only 1 mg of CBD would end up in your blood and effect you.
In order to increase bioavailability we needed to create liposomes which will protect the CBD and help it be absorbed by your body.

Where are you sold and are you looking to expand your retail presence? 
We do our main business on our website Little Rick - but we can be found in a number of CBD specialist stores. We are expanding into off licenses and retail specifically in Scotland.

What flavours are currently in the range to purchase?
The Flavours currently available are Piña that combines a sweet tang of pineapple with exotic coconut, the Mint & Lime that is refreshing and awakening, and the Raspberry Coconut that is perfect for fruit lovers!

Are you expanding the range of flavours?
We want to be flexible with our flavours and want to provide our users with different flavours throughout the year. We are starting to formulate more natural drinks - and are bringing out a Raspberry Lemonade in the next 6 weeks.
We are also working on quite a unique Cola which will be heavy on Kola Nut and Coca leaf extract aswell as CBD which results in a naturally caffeinated (Kola Nut Caffeine) uplifting drink.

Are the drinks available in packs?
The drinks are presented in 6, 12, or 24 packs in each flavours whilst a mixed pack is available and features 2 of each delicious fruit filled flavours included in the 6 pack and 4 of each in the 12 pack, if you want to experience the full range of flavours.

How much Cannabinoid does one can feature and are there any important things to consider when drinking it?
Each drink contains the following Cannabinoid profile: CBD: 32 MG, CBC: 1.2 MG, and CBG: 6 MG. It is noted and important to remember that they are not suited for under 18's or pregnant/breastfeeding individuals and do not operate heavy machinery after drinking. Any questions you do have it is suitable to ask a healthcare professional, especially if you are taking any medications for health-related issues. 
The vegan and halal-friendly drinks contain low sugar and only use natural flavourings and sweeteners helping keep the calorie content low. Storing the cans on display in your cupboard or if you like your drink to be iced cool like me you can perfectly store these in the fridge for the perfect offering of your chosen flavour anytime of the day. The great thing i like about the little rick drinks are they offer CBD to people who may of tried other forms such as the oil and pastels but didn't like the taste or found the effect didnt work for them. The drinks offer a niche way to deliver the popular ingredients within the body for you to enjoy the full-effects it provides, which cannabinoid drink will you choose? x Neil.  


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