CharlartsCrafts High Quality & Affordable Wax Melts


Producing the highest quality wax melts on the market for affordable prices, CharlartsCrafts is a rapidly growing business based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Utilising soy wax which is a better alternative to old-fashioned paraffin wax, soy wax contains nothing artificial and certainly NO toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants giving it a cleaner burning experience whilst also having a lower melting point. All of their scents are tested thoroughly to give their returning and new customers a much-loved experience and for you to create your own personal ambience in any room, in your home or workspace. Disclaimer: The links in blue are not affiliated and are placed for you to discover the products x


The choices available at CharlartsCrafts is exceptionally great by offering a range of individual wax melts that feature unique scents you wont find anywhere else, but that's not all! The wax melt gift sets are the perfect solution for anyone who becomes "stuck" on what to buy for someone whilst the wax melt subscription box is delivered each month to surprise you with luxury and affordable scents all year round. The wax melts aromas can be detected in their recyclable paper packaging before you have even opened them and these are some of the options to choose from:

Relax and bring a sense of calm when choosing the Luscious Lilies heart shaped wax melts that fill the room with a delicate and sweet aroma, perfect for those floral lovers.

Fill the room with a creamy vanilla fragrance with the added mouth watering blueberry that will have your rooms smelling luxurious and unique, when melting these Blueberry & Vanilla Wax Melt Hearts.

Transporting your home to a winter wonderland, Snow Fairy features bubble gum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla notes to suit anyone who likes sweet and fruity fragrances, 

Floral lovers will no doubt fall in love when melting Budding Roses as this delicate but sweet flower scent will relax your body and mind to relieve any stress. 

Captivating and unique, the Daffodil & Vanilla adds a spring floral freshness to any room whilst the rich and creamy vanilla brings comfort when needed. 

Promoting a calm and serene place in any room, Black Cherry is luxurious rich and fruity whilst also being considered symbolic of love. 

I have been really impressed by the high-quality wax melts with their luxurious aromas that smell just like the real thing, but also the exceptionally good customer service CharlartsCrafts provide. Why not check them out to create the perfect atmosphere for yourself, or for someone else, by heading over to their easy-to-use website here: CharlartsCrafts x Neil.