Boost Your Body Care Routine With Conscious Skincare


Cleansing the skin is one of the most important parts of any body care routine whether you are a bath or shower lover, or maybe both, but applying a moisturiser, lotion, or oil afterwards is also an essential step to include to boost your body care routine. Conscious Skincare have a wide range of body care products available to counteract the drying effects that can occur from your personal ritual by including emollient and nourishing ingredients which in turn help to restore the skins barrier function and microbiome. Discover the two products below on the links featured which are not affiliated, but are placed for you to find the products easily.    

Conscious Skincare Body Moisturiser


After showering or bathing, your skin is ready for the application of the Conscious Skincare bounders mens body moisturiser. Containing skin benefiting organic Coconut Oil to assist in skin hydration, organic Sunflower Oil to keep moisture retained and Apricot Kernel Oil to aid softness and suppleness, this body product is a multitasking moisturiser for all skin types. Essential oils are included for their beneficial benefits such as the Amyris essential oil that brings a sense of calming which in turn helps to reduce stress, Cinnamon oil assists with skin circulation, Frankincense essential oil has a number of benefits for your skin including toning, lifting and anti-aging.

Apply the Conscious Skincare bounders mens body moisturiser to "Damp Skin" after showering or bathing which will help to seal in the moisture present on the skin. The light lotion glides on and over the body with ease and the natural fragrance is pleasant to the senses lasting practically 24 hours after you have applied it. I really like how hydrated the skin feels instantly after application and absorbs immediately with little massaging needed. Light enough to use in the summer whilst also being hydrating and soothing for the winter months, this versatile moisturiser supports any skin type when applied and wont leave you feeling sticky or greasy.

Conscious Skincare Body Oils


Oils are an effective tool to use when incorporating them into your body care routine because they are able to penetrate and be absorbed deeper by the skin for an intensive moisturisation treatment. The cold-pressed Conscious Skincare Abyssinian oil is non-comedogenic which means it wont clog up your pores and has a similar profile to the skins own natural lipids making it suitable for all skin types. Its content profile contains vitamins A and E whilst also a host of fatty acids that help support, renew, and also stop trans-epidermal water loss for improvement in hydration.

Applying over your lotion or onto bare damp skin after your shower or bath, the oil will instantly lock-in that hydration present and absorb quickly. The Abyssinian oil is personally one of my favourite oils because not only is it lightweight in texture but it also leaves the skin feeling extremely moisturised without feeling greasy! Don't put away this amazing multitasking oil away just yet, you can even use it on your hair as a pre-treatment before washing and conditioning or apply as a finishing touch to any style to add a glossiness shine.

The links in blue are not affiliated, but be sure to explore the full organic vegan skincare range by skin type from Conscious Skincare x Neil.