Experience The New Purifying Shower Head!

Featuring a unique 2-step circular filtration process, the Hello Klean purifying shower head is also able to save 25% more water whilst also boosting water pressure. Standard shower heads trap minerals, rust, and impurities in hard water where they can quickly accumulate bringing a negative effect to your skin and hair. Hard water does not only leave your hair and scalp feeling dry and looking dull but it also can contribute to dry, irritated skin and flare ups of psoriasis, eczema, and keratosis pilaris. Lets take a look at what the shower head features.... 

The purifying shower head features KDF 55 and Amino Acid Granules which reduces chlorine, unwanted minerals and heavy metals such as lead, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel, and copper whilst the activated Carbon Fibre helps to reduce trihalomethane (THMs) and odour. The refillable design lasts for four months or after 13,000 litres of water and all you have to do is compost the ingredient pouch and recycle the casing to help save the environment. Boosting pressure is made by a large volume of air that is pulled from the handle through the inner circle of the shower head which in turn boosts filtration whilst pushing the spray of water more quickly towards you.

Easy to connect to an existing shower hose, if you have trouble with installation then Hello Klean are brilliant in helping you get that water running with your new shower head by you sending them a photo and they will assist you further. Featuring 320 micro nozzles to achieve an all-directional spray pattern that gives you full water coverage during showering, you will notice an accelerated flow and wonder why you haven't switched to Hello Klean sooner! Visit Here: Hello Klean and purchase here: Purifying Shower Head use the code BLONDEMALEBLOG for an exclusive discount at the checkout on all products! x Neil


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