How To Buy A Perfect Winter Coat.

How To Buy A Perfect Winter Coat.

The season of winter’s harsh and cold weather, we are required to wear a few extra layers of clothes to keep us protected from the elements. Items like boots, sweaters, hats and gloves are pretty easy to choose, but buying a quality winter coat can be difficult. Coats are a bit more expensive than regular jackets and different models serve for different weather conditions. 
With this in mind, we have decided to put together a short guide on how to buy a perfect winter coat. If you want to buy the one that suits your needs, stick with us and by the time you finish reading our article you will know exactly what to look for.

Fabric Is Everything.

When buying a winter coat materials and fabrics are the most important thing. Best materials for winter coats are wool and cashmere. There’s nothing better than a wool coat for snowy and cold weather. It will keep you warm, and most importantly dry. On top of that, wool is very durable and low-maintenance material. A wool coat can withstand winds, snow, rain, etc. and it will last you for years, even decades.
On the other hand, cashmere is a lot warmer material, but it is more sensitive and prone to damage. If you decide to go for a cashmere coat you should know that they’re often more expensive. Additionally, there are other materials like coated cotton that is perfect for wet conditions. These coats are covered in polyamide, a macromolecule that will keep you dry regardless of how hard it snows or rains.

Something About Styles.

After you have decided on the material, you can proceed with choosing a style of your coat. This all comes down to your tastes and preferences, but still, there are some rules about what goes together and what doesn’t.
For example, overcoats are usually worn with a nice suits, a silver or gold minimalistic watches, and a pair of elegant dress shoes. If you spend a lot of time in tailored suits, then this is a perfect solution for you. These coats are made of 100% wool or cashmere, making them perfect for cold winter days. If this is too formal for your style, then maybe consider getting a pea coat. They are slightly shorter than overcoats, but they go perfectly with sweaters, shirts, heavy boots and practically anything else.

Make It Fit.

One last thing to keep in mind when buying a winter coat is to get one that fits you perfectly. Because coats go over a couple of layers of clothing you will need to buy one size bigger than your other jackets and shirts. It’s pretty hard to see if the coat fits you unless you test it out, so put on a bulky sweater when you go shopping and lift your arms, sit down, bend over and move around while trying out a coat to see if it’s too tight. The last thing you want is to find that some areas are too tight or constricting.
And that is all from us. Regardless of what style you choose for your coat, make sure that everything fits and that it is warm and ready for harsh winter weather. Also, if you want to have a long-lasting coat, have it dry-cleaned once the winter season is over and put it away in your wardrobe so it doesn’t get damaged.
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