Xculpter Hair Dryer - Style It Your Way!

The Xculpter Hair Dryer is a patented and innovative concept that delivers a fusion of a hair dryer, brush and comb, to help achieve a style you crave without the hassle. Designed by the french company Sweetliss SAS the easy to use hairdryers can be used by men, women and even children's hair whilst the men can also use it for their beards.
Not only do these great hairdryers quickly dry your hair, great for when your in a rush, they also style whilst drying and can even be used on curly hair.
Its only until you use the Xculpter that you will then understand how over 30 months of research carried out by a team of engineers and beauty professionals was worth it, created by experts, works like an expert! 

The Xculpter Diffuser.

The Xculpter diffuser, the key element of the innovation is made of two parallel combs of 75mm tooth length. The comb's length has been thoroughly designed to deeply penetrate thin or thick hair strands and to allow the air flood from the dryer to deeply spread into the hair rather than just on the surface. The double lateral air-flow windows have been conceived following aerodynamics principles in order to optimise the air flow direction and improve the air blower efficiency. The clip brush has been thought for a professional blow-dry finish whilst also can be removed to use the Xculpter with the comb alone.
The innovative Xculpter is made of polycarbonate HD, an ultra resistance and also aesthetical material, is the first diffuser which can be adapted on two hairdryers with very different diameters: 
43mm for the Xclupter Xity, Compact Pro compact Hair Dryer and 39mm for the Xculpter Wild, Mini Travel Hair Dryer. The Versatility allows owners of both models to easily switch the diffusers.

Xculpter Wild For Short Hair.

The Xculpter wild for short hair allows performance of the most complicated techniques used in classic hair styling. The mini lightweight 1050W hairdryer features two air flow settings with a cool shot button and also arrives with: One Xculpter Diffuser, Clip Brush With Angled Bristles, Universal Clip Brush, Concentrated Nozzle and a handy travel pouch to keep the Xculpter in when not in use.
The Xclupter wild dries, brushes and combs and "Xculpts" short hair and beards, though it can be used to restyle rapidly on long hair.
This Xculpter wild is really lightweight that you don't get that dreaded arm ache when you have been holding your previous hairdryer for too long trying to dry your hair. Your hair will dry in quick time with any attachment you choose to use, my personal favourite is using the Xculpter with the clip brush that features the angled brushes. You will achieve a smooth blow dry finish and you can even skip the flat irons, its that good!

What You Can Achieve With The Xculpter.

You can achieve professional results at home and expect good hair miracles when using the Xculpter, these are just some of the tasks it can achieve:
Wet Hair Styling.
To Straighten Curly Hair.
Quick Styling On Dry Hair. 
Styling Short Hair.
To Dry Curls.
To Give Volume.
Tame Your Beard.
Create a tousled style and many more.
You can even use the Xclupter to restyle your hair the next morning.

Xculpter Xity For Demanding Hair.

The Xclupter Xity for demanding hair is a professional ionic 2000W hairdryer with a super activated blower.
Offering two air flow settings with three temperature settings and arrives with one Xculpter Diffuser, one Clip Brush with Angled Bristles and a Concentrated nozzle, this powerful hairdryer will put any demanding hair back in its place. Thanks to the ionic technology the Xculpter reduces static hair and will dry your hair really quick, even on the lowest setting.
Each attachment works extremely well in what u want to achieve with your hair and after you have finished you can place into the handy pouch bag it arrives with.

Why I love The Xculpter.

I have used many hairdryers and hair stylers over the years and have never been able to achieve a smooth blow dried look with just a hair dryer. I have always had to use flat irons afterwards to get that smooth look whilst also they would make my hair behave. 
The first time i used the Xculpter i knew my hair would behave as the comb instantly glides through the hair whilst also allowing direct heat to the roots for volume. The angled brush that easily fits onto the comb, smooths the hair shaft as you move the hairdryer down as you dry. Your hair is instantly smoothed with added shine and your styling time is instantly cut down as you have ready-to-go hair!
Style It Your Way with professional results by heading over to Xculpter to find out more. X Neil.