The Bloomtown Rose Garden Infused Oil.

Discover the UK's first certified palm oil-free company that creates beautiful body and skincare products, one of which is the luxurious Bloomtown rose garden infused oil. The certified vegan and cruelty-free products are formulated only using truly ethical & sustainable alternatives to present an award-winning range that consumers will love. All the products are beautifully scented, expertly formulated and lovingly hand-crafted in their workshop in the serene Cornwall. Disclaimer: I received the product for free because i belong to an accredited blogger program, all the links in black are not affiliated and are only used for you to find the product quicker.
The Bloomtown roll-on oils are infused with nourishing plant oils to instantly soothe and hydrate skin, without clogging the pores and feeling overly-greasy. Instantly absorbed by the skin, the bag-friendly multitasker can also be used on hair to tame frizz and fly-away's, while also used to influence your well-being. Applying to the pulse points such as the wrists, behind the ear and neck, the natural fragrance is a natural alternative for an instant pick-me-up day or night. The six choices available are: The Cafe - Hazelnut & Vanilla. The Woods - Vetiver, Cedar & Bergamot. The Meadow - Lavender & Rose Geranium. The Rose Garden - Musk Rose & White Florals. The Hedgerow - Blackberry & Honeysuckle. The Grove - Blood Orange & Pink Grapefruit.
The Bloomtown rose garden is presented in a roll-on bottle that contains 9 g of luxurious oil that once opened has a 12 months expiry date. The roller ball applicator delivers the perfect little amount on application, while still delivering a luxury scent that is true to its name and description. The modern scent is appealing to all ages by opening with freshly watered roses, before settling into a balanced bouquet of white florals that are not overly sweet, you are truly transported to the rose garden! Use to soothe the skin, hydrate the hair or to enjoy the sophisticated scent, which Bloomtown infused oil will you choose? x Neil.


  1. I like to use essential oils. It refreshes and gives energy. The same goes for treatment options. There are options of the cheap cbd capsules which perfectly solve the stress problem in a big city. I often tell my wife that it is better to use such sedatives for prevention. This allows you to look good without much effort and expensive creams.

    1. Glad to hear it works for you both, sadly some people can't use essential oils 👍


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