The Organic Korean Beauty Brand CHOBS.

Meet the organic Korean beauty brand CHOBS who present a natural and organic skin care range for all skin types and concerns. All the products are produced to meet the regulations of ECO CERT, the vegan society, BDIH COSMOS standard and for anyone looking for a vegan and halal range. Producing products for your skin to look its best, while also thinking about sustainability to help our planet is the CHOBS ethos and the products do not disappoint!
The skin care range presents products for sensitive and delicate skin types such as babies, while also including anti-ageing products to help combat and revive distressed signs of the complexion. Incorporating soothing and active ingredients in their formulations, the products nurture and respect the skin and these are presented in the forms of sheet masks, serums, oils and treatments. In the popular k-beauty market, CHOBS belongs to a few who only offer (`Organic') Korean cosmetics. Disclaimer: I was sent the products for free but this does not influence or change my honest opinions written in my blog posts. All links in black are not-affiliated and are only used for you to find the products quicker.
The CHOBS organic moringa lotion is the perfect skin care option to use if you do not like to use heavy moisturising creams but are wanting huge hydration. The light-weight lotion utilises certified organic moringa leaf water to provide nutrients to re-awaken a dull and lacklustre complexion, while providing softening and moisturising benefits to the skin. Containing ingredients and herbs from organic agriculture, the lotion should be applied to a clean and dry skin and massaged until absorbed. It leaves a hydrated base and provides a fresh feeling to the skin, while with continuous use it strengthens the skin barrier, improves skin texture and helps to heal any sensitive skin issues.
The CHOBS organic moringa total cream is a dual functional skin care product that offers anti-wrinkle and whitening benefits from the organic moringa leaf and the other skin-loving ingredients included. The creamy formula features healthy nutrients to improve skin elasticity for firmer looking skin, while also energising the complexion for a more uniformed and brighter skin tone with continuous use. Applying to a clean skin base evenly, you can use your fingertips to tap the cream into the skin for quick absorption and to enjoy the natural scent. The complexion looks naturally illuminated without looking or feeling greasy, while the skins health is improved making this a must-have cream to use in your skin care routine.
The lotion and cream from CHOBS are presented in sealed packaging and have pump applicators that dispense the exact amount you wish to use, without wasting any product. Suitable for all skin types, they work brilliant on their own or they can be used in your existing skincare routine by applying after your serums, and before your sunscreen, for a beneficial natural boost your skin will love! Check out the full range of this skin-respecting organic Korean beauty brand that nurtures and respects the skin with daily applications you will love to apply. X Neil.