Flaya Love Eau De Parfum.

Flaya present a beautiful organic and vegan friendly perfume range that will take your senses on a sensory experience. The cruelty-free range consists of seven hand-made scents with certified organic ingredients that are all classified as an eau de parfum. Containing a combination of precious oils and natural aromatics, the perfumes contain 20% fragrance. Preciously handmade and bottled, the exquisite fragrances are just waiting to be worn when purchased. Disclaimer: The links in black are not affiliated are only used for you to find the product quicker.
Containing 80-92% of certified organic ingredients, there are seven choices at the moment to pick and experience the fragrances for yourself. Available in a 30ml bottle or 10ml purse friendly sprays, the options for you to choose from are as follows:
  • Flaya Forever - Floral with jasmine and fruity, woody undertones.
  • Flaya If - Sweet and Slightly Spicy with melons, mint, myrrh and green notes.
  • Flaya Imagine - Fresh and powdery with lavender, spice and bouquets.
  • Flaya Island - Fruity and fresh with added ylang ylang.
  • Flaya Love - Crisp but delicate with summer nectar and exotic blossoms.
  • Flaya No. 48 - Sweet with vanilla and floral bouquets. 
  • Flaya Rose - Floral and fresh capturing rose gardens and green cut grass.  
The Flaya Love is presented in a clear glass bottle with a gold spray head and cap. The scent reminds me of a sunny day with warm air present and flowers in bloom, their scent lingering in the air influencing your senses and wellbeing with all the different notes of scents they release. I was really impressed with the spray applicator that delivers the perfect amount to be applied on to the pulse points, or sprayed in the air to allow the scent to envelope you. Purchase as a gift, or for yourself, to fall in love with the Flaya Love Eau De Parfum, x Neil.