Perfect Your Smile With Instasmile.

Improve your smile instantly when using the affordable and convenient services instasmile has to offer. The comfortable and unique clip-on veneers are specifically crafted to match your own dental profile, whilst using patent pending technology to ensure durability and long-lasting colour. The slimline and natural-looking veneers easily fit over your own teeth to improve missing or damaged ones, whilst covering gaps and stains to help you smile everyday with confidence.
How To Perfect Your Smile?
Looking to perfect your smile can lead you on a long-journey of frustration, until you visit the instasmile website that makes it a very-welcomed experience. The easy-to navigate website explains all the information clearly and the customer experience team will help you with any questions you may have, whilst they are also proud owners of their own instasmile.  Pressing the get started button on the website reveals a choice of easy-to answer questions and a colour shade guide you wish your clip-on veneers to be. Selecting a payment plan or paying in full, you will receive an order confirmation outlining the next steps to obtain the smile you want.
Take Your Impressions!
The instasmile self-impression kit is dispatched and trackable the next working day after your purchase date from the website. The kit arrives with easy-to-follow instructions and extra putty for you to complete a practise, before completing an impression that is important for instasmile to use to create veneers that perfectly fit your own teeth. You can send instasmile a picture of your impressions if you are not sure, before sending them in a postage paid envelope provided by instasmile with your details declaring the impressions are yours.
The Custom-Made Veneers!
The instasmile incorporates 3D technology and is hand finished, whilst also being thoroughly checked to provide a high-quality clip-on veneer product that is sent to you. Standard delivery is 3 weeks, but choosing the express option will ensure you top-priority to receive your own instasmile faster, whilst a follow-up call is welcomed to ensure your happy. Emails are sent to you to ensure you are kept up to date with the whole process, one email is sent to tell you they are being made, whilst another email states they are completed and have been dispatched.
Receiving Your Own Unique Veneers!
Signing upon delivery ensures you have received the clip-on veneers securely, whilst they are presented in a keep safe box with mirror for easy applications. The guidelines leaflet inside gives you an idea of how to wear them and take them out, whilst it is important to use disinfectant tablets twice a week to keep your new smile clean. My overall experience with instasmile has been more than excellent, they provide more than just a service making custom-made veneers, they want you to achieve the smile you have always wanted, thank you instasmile! Perfect your smile and more by heading over to instasmile to start your very own journey with them, x Neil.


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