Rum Knuckles Eau De Toilette For Him 100ML.

The Rum Knuckles Eau De Toilette For Him 100ML.

Experience the Intense, Addictive, Narcotic, Edgy, and will become Essential in your scent wardrobe when spraying the Rum Knuckles Eau De Toilette for him. The brand tells the story: Uncle Rum Knuckles was a boxer for the royal navy in the second world war. A champion of the people. A gentle giant with a lion's heart. Gone but never forgotten, his legend lives on in the raw gritty sophistication of the eponymous rum knuckles.
Rum Knuckles' aim is always to be a renegade on the street scene. Transcending subcultures, targeting multiple genres from skaters and surfers to bmxers and modern day cafe racers. Workwear inspired clothing, street wear with a hard edge. Rum Knuckles...Fortune Favours The Brave.
Presented in a matte black tin with the Rum Knuckles logo emblazoned on the front, the bottle sits perfectly inside for you to display it and keep it safe. The heavy weighted and brown glass bottle features a round spray head cap while the scent itself features a mixture of notes that will make an impression. 

Top Notes: Rum notes. Twists of black seductive leather. Dangerously dark black plum. Velvet geranium.
Heart Notes: Cardamom spun with incense, saffron, and red rose petals.  
Base Notes: Oud, amber, smoky vanilla, and benzoin. 

Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Aqua, Coumarin, Linalool, Limonene, Eugenol, Citronellol, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal
Taking the cap off, i was impressed with how the spray head delivers an excellent and equal amount of this dark oriental opening with a richness of boozy rum notes, dark plum, and the velvet geranium that set a good impression before it quickly brings in the heart notes that bolster the power of the scent to your senses. The rich base notes bring a depth and dimension to the scent by adding a warmth from the amber while the smoky vanilla is a key player throughout its wear. I was also quite impressed by its longevity as some eau de toilette scents don't seem to last that long on me but i kept being reminded of its presence throughout the day. 

A unique and affordable scent that you can wear during the day or night and u may get some compliments or questions of "What Scent Are You Wearing". Prices Vary and the Rum Knuckles Eau De Toilette for him is featured in some giftsets, check out the brand here: Rum Knuckles x Neil. 
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