Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo.

The Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo.

Purchase the Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo that is a limited edition bundle which features two fan favourites from the popular natural cosmetics brand in eco-packaging. Ere Perez is an Australian owned company with mexican heritage that pride themselves on creating formulations that contain premium quality ingredients such as oils, plant extracts, and minerals while also blended with antioxidants for a skin-loving experience each time they are used. The cruelty-free range consists of makeup, skincare, and beauty tools such as their Eco vegan brushes to assist you in your own unique makeup looks. Disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are only used for you to discover the product.

Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo Features The Quandong Green Booster Serum.

The Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo features the Quandong Green Booster Serum that i have previously blogged about and i enjoyed to use daily until the bottle ran out. Applied onto cleansed skin or after your toner, the green colour is somewhat of a welcomed change to the normal clear-coloured serums that are usually presented, but the green colour does not transfer or show on the skin. The slight natural scent is barely detectable and the palm free, vegan friendly, and cruelty-free formula combines hydrators, humectants, antioxidants and oils to deliver a cocktail to the skin for improved condition and care.

Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo Features The Avocado Waterproof Mascara.

The other product featured in the Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo is the Avocado Waterproof Mascara - Black that is a vegan mascara suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact lense wearers. The smudge proof formula features nourishing and conditioning mamey and avocado oils that contribute to regenerate, strengthen and kickstart growth while the added palm kernel and carnauba waxes hold volumed and fanned-out lashes in place throughout the day or night. Removing is easy by applying an oil-based remover such as a balm or an oil that will break-down the waxes in the waterproof formula, leaving the lashes ready for the next application of this non-drying but nourishing mascara.

Purchase the Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo that saves you a discount, rather if you were to buy the two products separately it would cost you more. Priced at £44.00 and available here: Ere Perez Daily Boost Duo xNeil.