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Struggling to find a unique gift for someone can leave you feeling frustrated when you have trawled websites for some inspiration but you are still stuck in your dilemma with an empty shopping cart. The small and independent online retailer Boostology has over 20 years experience and presents a range of exclusive products just waiting to be discovered. Purchasing any of the unique and eco-friendly gifts not only supports a small independent business, but for every order placed one tree is planted and orders are dispatched in plastic free parcels. Disclaimer: The links used are not affiliated and are placed for you to explore the product. 

Exclusive to Boostology, the hand carved solid black marble candle holder not only feels heavy in weight but will look stylish when placed in any room with its highly polished and smooth appearance. Typically when purchasing any tea light candle holder, your next task is to then find some tea light candles to accompany your chosen gift, not this time! Presented in a beautiful black gift box packed with matching black tissue paper, inside you or the recipient will find the black marble candle holder with six relaxing soy wax candles, scented with Lavender & Petitgrain essential oils. 
The slow burning and natural soy wax candles give you 5-6 hours to create a relaxing mood and unwind from any stresses when flickering proudly in the natural stone holder (each piece varies in colour and appearance making it completely unique), just remember to never leave a burning candle unattended. 
Candles are a great present to create a focal point in any room or to take advantage of their aroma, the 
Solid black marble tea light candle holder with six essential oil candles to RELAX does both! Priced at £19.00 and available here: eco scented candle gifts

Next time your struggling for present ideas, be sure to explore the unique gifts available to suit any occasion or speciality which includes organic, vegan, plastic-free and many more here: Boostology x Neil.