The Bass BIO-FLEX Biodegradable Leaf Detangler Hair Brush.

Bass Brush Bio-Flex Biodegradable Leaf Detangler Hair Brush.

BASS Brushes Hair Care
Pick up the Bass Brushes BIO-FLEX Biodegradable Leaf Detangler hair brush that features a patented plant handle that is 95% biodegradable. The world class brush company features a range of brushes to suit your whole family from soft and gentle baby brushes to ones specific for hair extensions and men's beards. Bass has created luxury grade brushes for over 40 years with an emphasis on natural, sustainable, and durable materials with a world-wide presence and reputation for classic design, innovation, and value.
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The Bass BIO-FLEX Leaf Detangler is designed to be Anatomically contoured for maximum comfort when gliding over the head while the soft flexible pins reduce pulling when detangling wet or dry hair. Utilising natural materials, the handle is made from 100% plant starch which consists of corn, cassava, and potato starch. Durable to last for many years, when discarded under organic conditions such as a landfill, the handle will break down into a perfect natural fertilizer reducing its impact on the environment. 

The Bass BIO-FLEX Biodegradable Leaf Detangler is available in pink, teal, purple, or a green colour and is quite lightweight to handle when prepping the hair before styling and detangles really effectively. I was pleasantly surprised on how quickly the brush glides through the hair using nylon pins with ball point tips to allow gentle brushing for the hair and scalp, while the effective contour design follows the shape of the head for maximum comfort. Suitable for all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair, pick up the Bass BIO-FLEX biodegradable hair brush priced at £9.99 and available from here: LoveLula x Neil.