The BB Cream With Colour Adaptive Technology.

The BB Cream, typically known for being a blemish or beauty balm, took the beauty world by storm when it first launched with many brands offering their own versions. Over time and still being hugely popular, the formulations have changed to offer many more benefits this multi-purpose product can achieve. Lighter in texture than a foundation, a BB Cream is a moisturiser for hydration, a foundation for coverage, while also offering an SPF in the formulation for protection, depending on which brand you purchase.

So why should you use a BB Cream? The product is great for those who want a multi-tasking product that offers coverage to your skin, while still offering some skincare benefits. The many ways you can introduce the BB Cream in your regime is pretty simple and the different ways you can use it is endless. You may swap your moisturiser out of your skincare, to then apply the  BB cream, but if your skin tends to lean on the dry side and the formulation contains SPF and pigments, this will dry your skin out even more. You can apply the BB cream over a moisturiser giving you coverage of imperfections and is especially great if you are not a fan of make-up foundations. Applying a BB cream before application of a foundation is a great tip if you love your make-up, a lot of BB cream formulations act as primers so you will find that your make-up will stay in place longer. 
The REN satin perfection BB cream provides colour adaptive technology that adjusts to a wide range of skin tones. Choosing between the shades, light to medium or medium to dark, the guessing game of deciding which shade to choose has just become easier. The silicone free, multi-function cream, offers more than a standard BB Cream by providing: 
  1. Coverage.
  2. Banishing Imperfections.
  3. Anti-Oxidant Protection.
  4. SPF Protection.
  5. Photo-Rejuvenation Technology - Toning, Firming, Anti-Ageing Effect.
The BB cream also features the bio extracts - Ochroleuca Seaweed, Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil, Vitamin C, Magnesium and Glycogen, that all work together to boost your skins complexion each time its applied. Opening the flip-top cap and squeezing the 50ml tube, the BB Cream is of a pale pink colour but soon disperses when applying over the skin and then tapping into the skin for maximum absorption. You can apply using your fingers, a beauty blender, or a brush, as each method works great for achieving an even coverage. I was impressed of the non-oily, satin smooth feeling with a matte finish, each time this BB cream is applied. You will find some BB creams are too greasy due to the fact they are more like tinted moisturises, but call themselves a BB cream to appeal to a wider audience, not this one! The SPF 15 that is offered is Zinc oxide which is a powdered mineral that sits on top of the skin, scattering, reflecting, and absorbing UVA & UVB rays. I would of liked a higher SPF in the product, but you can always apply an SPF mineral powder that sits extremely great on the skin and over this product. Suitable for all skin types and colour matches extremely well, thanks to that colour adaptive technology, the BB Cream is available to purchase from LoveLula. X Neil.