Pure Organic Hair Care.

Revitalise and transform your hair, when incorporating the pure organic hair care from conscious skincare. The shampoo and conditioner are newly released from their highly popular scent free range that are made from plant based ingredients. Organic hair care products are usually better for your tresses over long term use, depending on which brands to buy from and what to look out for. Products labelled organic usually draw you in, without you looking at the contents of ingredients, and you part ways with your cash. Always be cautious and check the ingredients, as the cheaper shampoo might contain less harmful ingredients than your actual organic product.
Healthy hair and a comfortable scalp can become compromised from certain products that claim to achieve miracles when using their products. The usual suspects contain ingredients ending in "Cone" that coat the hair for instant results, but stop the hair from receiving other beneficial treatments. You then get caught in the cycle of over-washing your hair as your hair becomes dull, lank, and lifeless from the products you wash your hair with. 
Suffering from a dry and irritated scalp can also be a repetitive cycle due to products stripping the scalp of its natural oils and the certain ingredients drying out your scalp even more, not to mention products loaded with fragrance that will aggravate the problem. Looking for hair care products that avoid using harsh chemicals is a great solution to get you on a healthy hair and scalp journey.
Conscious skincare offer a pure organic shampoo and conditioner that are both scent free, great for any sensitive or scalp issues. Organic hair care typically contains nourishing ingredients such as, vitamins, proteins, essential oils, and you wont find any harsh chemicals or preservatives. You will also notice if you have ever used an organic hair care product that they wont and shouldn't contain SLS, the ingredient that makes your shampoo lather. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a detergent and potent de-greaser that can over-dry your hair making it feel brittle and prone to breakage, you should also avoid this ingredient if you have coloured your hair or had a keratin treatment.
The scent free, pure organic, shampoo and conditioner from conscious skincare are free from:
  1. SLS.
  2. Parabens.
  3. Phtalates,
  4. Synthetic Chemical Preservatives.
  5. Colours.
  6. Fillers.
The pure organic shampoo contains the water soluble pro-vitamin B5 that functions as a humectant and improves elasticity, a popular ingredient in hair care products. Jojoba oil naturally moisturises the hair and scalp follicles, without leaving any residue that leads to build-up. The scalp soother aloe vera features to instantly soothe, while also containing amino acids, the essential building blocks of scalp and hair. The shampoo also features the pre-biotic alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, it provides a gentle
protective and restoring action for the scalp by reducing undesirable bacteria, restoring the natural bacterial balance, and is an excellent emollient for a dry scalp.
Applying to wet hair and massaging gently, the shampoo cleanses hair without foaming, before rinsing thoroughly. The non-foaming action is something you have to get used to because we have been conditioned to associate foaming with being clean. Hair does feel clean without feeling overly stripped and you only have to use a little of this shampoo to experience its potential.
The pure organic conditioner contains the naturally moisturising shea butter, that is known to soothe a dry irritated scalp and is a great remedy for dandruff. The conditioner also features four oils that are known for their natural abilities to help a distressed scalp and hair. Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil is rich in polyphenols that have anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties helping to improve scalp health, while also preventing breakage of your hair and improving elasticity. Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil contains linoleic acid to help control dandruff and keep the scalp microbial free, while also providing a natural emollient to hair for moisturising and hydrating benefits. Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil has endless hair benefits it can provide, it can prevent breakage, be used as a protein treatment for hair and also act as a natural anti-dandruff solution, thanks to the fatty acids present. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) oil is a nutrient and antioxidant that can instantly hydrate dry and brittle hair, while also helping to relieve a dry scalp and boosting follicle strength. Applying a little after you have shampooed, the conditioner glides through the hair easily, instantly smoothing and hydrating, before rinsing out thoroughly. You can also leave the conditioner in your hair when u are taking a bath or shower for a luxury hair treatment.
I was impressed on just how little you need to use for your hair, for it to feel stronger and look healthier. The products arrive with pumps that make it easier to dispense the products, so you can determine how much you want to use depending on your hair length and type. Standard bottles that don't have pumps can lead you to use too much of the product because u cant control how much product that comes out in equal measures, you end up using too much shampoo that strips your hair and too much conditioner that can weigh your hair down. The great thing about the shampoo and conditioner is that it cleverly cleanses and hydrates your hair naturally and can fit into your hair care regime easily. You can wash your hair everyday with this perfect combo or if you wash your hair just twice a week, the choice is entirely up to you. I did notice how comfortable my scalp felt just after one use and my hair still felt clean and looked vibrant the next day. Vegan friendly and cruelty free, Conscious skincare have the highest regard for the environment with all their packaging being fully recyclable. Discover pure organic products for yourself and the whole family, take your hair care to the natural level.  X Neil.