Discover The Best Shave.

Experience the best shave possible, thanks to the 3- Blade shaver technology that features a multi-flex 3D head that allows for a smoother all-around shave. Shaving routines have evolved to incorporate a grooming session that not only can offer you the closet shave possible, but also protect and care for your skin during your shaving routine and afterwards. Every mans shaving regime is different and is typically based on "how much time you have" and "what time of day" you pick to reduce your stubble. Do you shave in the morning? Rushing through your routine because your clock watching to make sure your at your chosen destination on time. Are you the guy that shaves the night before? So you can skip the routine in the morning and give yourself a pat on the back for not spending the desired time at the sink.
The shaving debate used to put you in two groups, wet or dry, but now technology has solved this problem by supplying shavers that offer both! Preparing skin before and after shaving using the best men's grooming products will also provide essential skincare benefits to boost your skins essential needs. Choosing a shaver can sometimes be a confusing task that can leave you scratching your head and stubble, but Panasonic has made this task much simpler. The Panasonic ES-LT2N three blade wet and dry electric shaver successfully provides a closer shave thanks to the technology it possesses. The flexible head movement allows for the electric shaver to follow your own facial contours, meaning you will experience your very own personal close shave without any burden on your skin.
The dreaded razor burn and cuts you can experience when shaving can leave you dreading the next time your staring in the mirror with the culprit in your hand. The Panasonic ES-LT2N three blade wet/dry electric shaver significally reduces burden on the skin for a gentler shaving experience you will look forward to. The multi-flex 3D heads avoids excessive pressure placed on to the skin, while always staying in close vertical contact to provide a clean, smooth shave. The three blade cutting system is made up of state-of-the-art technology that provides toughness, sharpness and precision. The acute angle nano polished inner blades cleanly cut through any stubble, while still offering a gentler closer shave for any user. Working in combination together, the two distinct foil patterns and comb blade capture and cut even the most trickiest placed hairs that are present on your face without u having to pull any weird faces for the razor to capture them.
Featuring multi-fit arc blades, the outer foils fit perfectly against the skin and provides a close shave even under the delicate chin area, where some razors fail. The added extra "pop-up trimmer" allows for pre-shave cutting and detailed grooming, such as taming your sideburns and detailing your moustache or beard to your own personal style. The one hour charging time is hassle free and the LCD/LED battery monitor will keep you updated with its 2-stage LED meter. Speed is powered by a 13,000 cpm motor so you wont have to clock watch and rush through your shaving regime, the razor will do all the work for you. Take the hassle out of shaving and discover the best shave possible with amazing results, without compromising your skin's health! X Neil.