Review: Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream - Skin Treatment At Home

Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream
Looking for a night cream that would care and 
improve my skin i came across the
Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream.

As i picked up the box it clearly states:
Provides deep moisture and regenerates.
For fresh feeling skin with Vitamin E and
Hydra IQ.
I remember using Nivea years back when it was
just a simple pot with a thick consistency cream 
as its product.
I wondered if there product had changed? 
Or would it be the same cream but with updated
Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream

The back of the box states:

* Provides deep moisture.

* Supports the skins regenerating process at night
   thanks to its caring formula with Provitamin B5.

* The formula with Vitamin E provides a smooth
   and fresh skin feeling in the morning.

* See and feel smooth fresh skin.
   The skin is intensively moisturised and
   regenerated, looking healthy and beautiful.

The packaging has improved and moved forward
with the times as when you open the packaging
you are presented with an up to date version of
the Nivea product in a royal blue tub.
The lid screws off easily and you are then greeted
by a silver foil film you have to peel back to get to
the product.
It was there before when Nivea came out, so the foil film is staying!
It does have some good features about it by stopping any product spillage and you wont find half your product stuck to the lid.
Your still presented with that classic fragrant
smell you get from Nivea products so if fragrant
creams bother your skin, you probably wont like
Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream

When i first put my finger into this product,
i was quite surprised on how thick this cream is.
A little will go along way and your get used to 
using just the right amount your skin will need.
The application suggests to gently massage into skin with circular motions.
I tried this method and it works quite well but if 
you use too much product it will just sit on the skin and not absorb.
One method i do suggest and works quite well.
Apply product all over face, using a lot of product wont matter.
Let the product sit on the skin for around twenty
minutes and then hot cloth any excess off.
This is a great moisture boost facial to enjoy at

The next morning my skin felt really moisturised
and smooth.
Also it made my skin look glowing and looked like i had a good nights sleep!
I'm not really into heavy creams as from previous
experience they have broke me out.
Maybe that was my own fault for using too much
product. Or at the time, it was just too much for 
my skin type to handle back then.
I think face creams that come in a pump rather 
than a tub are usually better as the pump dispenses
just the right amount of product to use.
Its hard to know how much to use when you dive in the tub with your fingers and end up using way too much!
This hasn't broken my skin out so far.

Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream
is a really good skin treatment.
I can see this being used if your skin is in desperate need for moisture.
Especially in the winter with the harsh coldness or the sunny weather has left your skin parched.
This really is a power dose of moisture in a tub and a pleasant skin pick me up!
I was really surprised on how well this product worked and transformed skin.
Nivea is also reasonably priced which is a bonus, especially if you are on a budget.
Whats your experience with Nivea products ?
                                                            X Neal.


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