Snapfish uk - Unique Coasters - Bring Your Creative Ideas To Life

The lovely people at Snapfish gave me the chance to design and think of a fun idea, for some unique coasters.

I got my thinking cap on and was trying to think of some ideas and then the light bulb moment happened!
Why not design some unique coasters that would play on the BLONDE theme.
I'm blonde and my blog is called blonde male, so the idea was set.
I scribbled some ideas down and that would relate to being blonde and that would also include both genders! 
I don't want to leave anyone out!
I used a standard photo program to create my ideas on and so i got to work. 
I wanted to just have fun with it and also make a few statements that sometimes us blonde's can experience or people have assumption's about us,
all because of a hair colour.
The designs were finished and i headed over to the Snapfish website to get started.
Now i was in two minds how this would work out as i haven't used there website before.
Would it run smoothly or would there be a hump appear in this creative journey?
The Snapfish website is really easy and i found it a breeze compared to some other websites.
You can create an account and also you can use your facebook to sign in, pretty easy!
To upload photos you just click the upload button which is available to see and then your pictures are saved into an album.
All you have to decide now is what do u want to create???
Photo Gifts to Photo Books and many more choices to choose from, i went to the photo coasters option and got started.
Easy understanding from there website, got my photo's into the coaster design boxes to make sure they were the ones i wanted printed and then all you have to do is progress to order.
You will receive an email confirming your order and also another email telling you its been dispatched.
I waited three days for standard delivery and then there was a knock at the door, they have arrived!
Well packaged, i opened the packages up and was really pleased with the results! 
Take a look for yourself.........

Using Snapfish was really easy and trouble free!
They can take any idea you have and make it appear on anything, they offer on there website.
Checkout the link provided to start your creative journey to make something personal for someone or create something fun for yourself.
I know i had fun from start to finish! X Neal.