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MR. BLANC Minty Fresh Teeth Whitening Strips.

I was sent these handy teeth whitening strips that help you to achieve a brighter smile in 14 days.
The handy strips offer a different experience to teeth whitening that is made easy than using teeth whitening trays.
I have used strips in the past from different brands and they are a bit hit and miss.
Some work brilliantly and others, the results were 
non existent leaving me with sensitive teeth.

Mr Blanc's formula is peroxide free and is enamel friendly whilst they safely remove stains.
The box contains 14 packets which adds up to two weeks worth of whitening, a strip for everyday.
The box and packets have clear instructions printed on them so you know you are using these strips in the correct way.
The instructions state:

1. Tear Open The Packet To Reveal The Strips.

2. Dry Teeth With Towel. Place Bottom Strip             First, Then Repeat Top.

3. Keep Strip On Teeth For 30 Minutes. Avoid
    Eating And Drinking.

4. Remove Strips And Discard. Rinse Away Any       Gel And Admire.
There is a clear description on which strip goes where. The upper is the longer strip and the bottom is the shorter.
I found these really easy to apply and stuck to my teeth quite well, they didn't move around.
There was no stinging or sensations when applied to my teeth and also i could taste the minty flavour. I applied these when i was watching tele or on my computer so i wasn't clock watching and before i knew it, the time was up to take them off.
They came off quite easily and i rinsed the gel from my mouth before continuing to brush my teeth. 
Never brush your teeth before using whitening strips as you remove the protein layer protecting them, always brush afterwards.
I looked in the mirror and saw they had whitened a little. My teeth are at a white level to begin with so i wasn't expecting a drastic change, for me these are just a top up to keep my smile white and bright.
I had no sensitivity afterwards which was great! 
These are a gentle and effective way to whiten especially if you are wanting to brighten your smile whilst fitting them into your daily routine.
You can also choose what supply you would like 
which are 
* 2 week supply
* 4 week supply
* 6 week supply 
If your interested in finding out more and trying these whitening strips, be sure to check out the MR. BLANC website.    X Neal.