Rihanna Rogue Man

The fifth fragrance from Rihanna, which is the first fragrance the singer has created for the men!
Rogue man is packaged in a masculine and classic coloured packaging that looks good in any mans collection of fragrance's without causing offence.
The black colouring with silver detailing around the box, gives the box a sophisticated feel, before you have even seen the bottle.
The bottle is of rectangle shape with indented spikes coming up from the base giving the bottle an edgy and unique vibe that sets itself apart from other bottles on the market today. The cap that fits over the spray head feels textured and of high quality with added detail with the letter R cut into the material. The cap fits really well onto the bottle and feels sturdy and non flimsy protecting this high quality scent.
The scent is described by Rihanna as fresh and sexy and in many interviews the star as stated she has been wanting to create a male scent from the beginning of her scent creating days.
Rogue Man is described as an oriental-woody and the top notes are:
Bergamot, Clementine, Black Pepper, Rosemary.
The heart:
Cedar, Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid, Labdanum.
The base:
Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Tonka Bean.
Rogue Man gives the wearer a surprise in how it transforms effortlessly through its stages from the first spray. On first spray you will instantly be taken on a fresh blast with the citrus and hint of spice and then rogue man transitions to a leather inspired floral with vanilla hints before then progressing to a warm amber, masculine sandalwood with added sweetness from the musk.
Rogue man is a warm, lightly sweet with hints of spice but still keeping a masculine presence of itself.
The projection is good but if your looking for a scent to enter the room before you, this isn't it, someone sitting next to you will smell this on you.
The silage is excellent and lasts pretty much all day from the first spray in the morning, which is what the wearer is wanting from their scent!
It would appeal to any age range and could be worn any season of the year and to any occasion. 
If your wanting a change from your usual scents but still want to keep that masculine vibe then
Rihanna was absolutely spot on when creating this scent and has achieved the goal by actually delivering a scent that is fresh and sexy. X Neil.