Frankie By Ariana Grande Perfume.

Looking online and searching specifically for scents i came across Frankie By Ariana Grande. Now i know Ariana has had her first perfume on the market for quite some time and i still have not purchased, but what really caught my attention about Frankie is that this perfume is marketed unisex
Usually with a celebrity perfume collection they wait much further down line to either release a male scent or just don't bother at all, so for Ariana to release a unisex scent much early in her scent range is such a rarity and plus point for the fans and consumers!
Frankie is the combination of both Ariana and her older step brother Frankie which incorporates both their personalities and vibrant energies, to deliver a soul fuelled dynamic scent with a heavenly sweet sugar fix.
Top notes are pink pepper with apricot and pear that bring flirty fruits that playfully play with the heart of Frankie with wild orchid and cedar. The base which consists of sandalwood and musk brings a creamy and warm element whilst crystal sugar adds the sweetness that brings a unique seductive element, to help Frankie be so irresistible when sprayed.
The box which features black and white artwork brings a modern retro twist that separates itself from the normal celebrity packaging, just by keeping itself simple.
I was amazed just how great the futuristic sphere bottle in silver colour with black pom pom really is, as this oozes character when in use or sitting centre stage where you keep your other scents.
Frankie works remarkably well at being unisex, for both genders to enjoy this scent at any event you might be attending or for day to day wear.
Just make sure you purchase yours as Frankie is a limited edition 50ml Eau de Parfum. X Neil.