Style Jouellerie Jewellery Your Way.

Creating your own personal style can be influenced by magazines, celebrities, or just by your own adventures filled with lots of fun. Jewellery is just one part of fashion that allows you to express your own individuality by the key pieces you choose to purchase, while also complimenting your outfit of choice you choose to wear. Finding your own style has just got easier thanks to Jouellerie, who present a wide range of key jewellery pieces available to compliment many looks and to be worn to any occasions.

Wearing jewellery is something personal to the wearer because not only does it sit close to the skin but it also does or could hold personal memories. Choosing which colour metal to wear can sometimes leave you a little frustrated if you are not sure, but you can mix silver, golds, and many others containing colours to find your own personal style. Cooler skin tones are suggested to suit silver, while warmer skin tones are suited to gold, but if a piece of jewellery helps make you feel confident regardless of its colour then that is what is important.
The silver ARTEMIS BRACELET is made with swarovski elements that captures any light to help it be dramatic and sparkling. The tough alloy rhodium plated bracelet is resistant to scratches and unfortunate mishaps, whilst being approximately 7cm in diameter. The magnetic clasp is a must-have for any bracelet wearer because of its easy fixing and un-fixing, but feels really secure when worn. Spoil yourself or a loved one when purchasing the fashionable bracelet, it will look perfect with any fashion choices you make.
Consider the CROWN EARRINGS the next time you decide to add that special something to your outfit. Wearing earrings not only compliments any outfit, but also can hide bad hair days and is also a method used in acupuncture (cool fact). The high-fashion regal style earrings sparkle in any light and are 6mm in size, whilst being made from zinc alloy. Securing the earring with the push backs supplied helps the earrings feel secure and to stay in place all day, so u can show these earrings off to their full potential.
The ANABELL SET includes two jewellery pieces made with swarovski elements to capture anyone's imagination. The alloy rhodium plated, 6cm diameter bangle, is adorned with glistening stones in a unique design that sits pretty on any wrist. Accompanied with matching solitaire earrings with secure push backs, you can be the belle of the ball or elevate any casual outfit to make you feel special and unique in your own way. 
The rose coloured AELIANA BRACELET features 114 crystals and roman numerals in its entwined display feature. The unique 6.5cm diameter bracelet opens up to fit the wearer easily and secures shut for a perfect fitting. Worn on its own to make a statement for admiration or paired with your other bracelets to suit any casual day-to-day outfits, the choice is entirely yours to proudly wear this wherever you are.
Delicate but elegant, the HAILEY STAR BRACELET is layered twice to display the featured stars perfectly. Sitting pretty on the wrist, the bracelet is 19cm in length and can be easily adjusted to down size, while also featuring a lobster clasp for a secure fitting. The high fashionable appeal it exudes helps it be suitable for casual, formal, or evening attire to suit any occasion.

Looking for jewellery to fit into your own personal style can be a long and frustrating journey to set upon, but not now. Jouellerie cover all the jewellery categories needed and offer a wide range of unique jewellery pieces to include everyone's personal tastes. The easy-to-navigate website displays the jewellery perfectly and provides information on sizes and material used, while whizzing you through the checkout process. The jewellery arrives in secure packaging and each piece is presented in a jewellery bag, perfect to store in and keep safe. Find or discover your personal style and wear the Jouellerie jewellery your way! x Neil.