Inspiration to Help You Get Active and Feel Great This Summer.

Inspiration to Help You Get Active and Feel Great This Summer.

To look good, you need to feel great, which is why it is crucial to stay active to feel at your best. Being physically active is an excellent way to perfect your physique and benefit your overall well-being as it can be a powerful stress reliever. As the lockdown restrictions are finally starting to lift, you may be looking forward to the prospect of getting outside and enjoying more exercise. After so much time spent indoors over the past year, it is only natural being active outside in the sunshine is such an appealing idea. If you are looking for opportunities to get fit and feel great this summer, here is a little inspiration to help you do just that:

Take up a Team Sport.

Playing a team sport has many benefits. Being part of a team and enjoying being active is an excellent opportunity to get social and meet new people. Taking up a team sport will make it easier for you to stick with staying active. You will be committed to training at specific times each week and playing matches, which is helpful if you usually struggle to keep to your exercise routines.

There are so many different team sports to try, so there are lots to choose from. You may even want to take inspiration from the teams you enjoy watching on the television. If you are a fan of New Zealand rugby, you could have a go at playing rugby yourself and seeing how it feels to be part of the action. If there was a sport you enjoyed at school, such as football or hockey, you might even decide to revisit it and rekindle your passion as a way to get active and out into the fresh air.

Take a Dip in an Outdoor Pool.

Swimming is an excellent all-round exercise that is perfect for both a cardio workout and toning up. As swimming is a low-impact activity, it is something that most people can do as a great way to stay fit. If you want to enjoy a different swimming experience and get out in the fresh air, you could look for lidos and outdoor swimming pools in your area. You may even have a freshwater swimming lake near you that is suitable for outdoor swimming. Swimming is a perfect exercise for people that hate the feeling of getting hot and sweaty when they workout, as you should be able to stay cool in the water while you get fit. 

Be Inspired by Wimbledon

Everyone loves to watch Wimbledon on the television while enjoying some strawberries and cream. But, if you want to get fit this summer, why not take inspiration from Rafa Nadal and co, and get onto the court yourself? Tennis is an ideal summer sport and a great way to mix exercise with seeing friends in an outdoor setting. You could even bring out your competitive side and challenge your friends to a match or two over the next few months.

It is important to speak to a health professional if you take medication or suffer with an illness before participating in any physical sport. Anything that gets you moving such as a daily walk has been shown to have a positive impact on your mental health as well as your physical health, just don't forget to enjoy yourself whichever daily activity you wish to choose. x Neil.