Highkind CBD Vape Pen Kit


Explore the natural wonders of CBD by Highkind Cannabis Co who present an organic, premium-quality product range that consists of being 100% natural but does NOT include artificial additives, artificial flavours or artificial terpenes in their CBD formula. All of their CBD products are made from the finest quality, organic flowers in which they specifically use AAA grade female cannabis flowers and then are flushed three weeks before harvest, to ensure they’re completely free of contaminants to ensure natural flavours and the benefits of CBD, not a modified version. Extracting using CO2 to break down the material within the hemp plant which helps to separate the oil ensures a high-concentration of CBD with no toxic or residue leftover. A few CBD companies remove terpenes from their extracts but at Highkind they utilise natural, full-spectrum techniques to extract all of the goodness of terpenes from the plant, which results in twenty different terpene profiles in their product range which enhances the taste and flavour. 

The product ranges available are CBD concentrates, CBD oils, and CBD vaping to suit your specific needs but i have been enjoying using the Highkind CBD vape pen kit that is ideal to use for those who are already vaping and taking CBD separately, but now can do it combined. The vape pen kits consist of a premium-quality vape pen and a pre-filled CBD cartridge while there are some great flavours available to choose from such as Pink Lemonade or Tangerine Dream, but i chose Blueberry Muffins. The CBD vape oil never contains any MCT, PG, or VG as each of their full-spectrum extracts are delicately infused with elite botanical terpenes that deliver the calming effects with exceptionally good flavours but also good vaping clouds are made from a swift 3-4 second draw. 

A slide switch at the bottom of the vape pen gives you the choice between high or low intensity which influences the taste and the volume of vapour while it is suggested to breath in the vapour for a few seconds before keeping it in your lungs for a couple of moments. When you have exhaled, repeat the cycle until you feel satisfied. If, after fifteen minutes, you don’t feel like any different, go through the same process again. The LED indicator will let you know when your vape pen needs a charge and all you do is use a micro-usb charger that typically takes 30 minutes for a fully charged battery for you to enjoy the benefits the Highkind CBD Vape Pen Kit has to offer while also experiencing the beneficial effects with that realistic flavour! Available here: CBD Vape Pen Kit x Neil.


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