Stop & Support The #BeYou Project - Help Bring Awareness- treaclemoon

Social media is at an all time high and everyone being members to all social networks and having access to the Internet with just a finger touch away, sometimes can bring pressures to anyone.
Treaclemoon have launched the #BeYou project to raise funds for their charity partner BulliesOut.
We or some of us, have experienced bullying at some point in our life.
You know those unique and great quality points about you that set you apart from the rest of your peers, that the bullies seem to dislike and try to destroy all your self confidence with every harsh word or action. 
Making sure your on your own as there bully mission grows and for some odd reason they feel good about this?
What i say, if you are experiencing this is talk to someone and never let someone dampen your spirit and make sure that light inside you always shines bright!
You are you and that's what makes you beautiful inside to out.
If you have different interests and tastes that are not the same as everyone Else's, than that is a reflection of just your own unique character.
Wouldn't it be boring if everyone looked the same and had the same interests! 
Bullying does need to be taken more seriously especially as it doesn't just happen in the classroom anymore and you can still carry those harsh memories, left from years ago.
This is why i support the #BeYou Project and all the sales from the merchandise, supports the great work of BulliesOut.

You can tweet or instagram a picture of you wearing the #BeYou merchandise, don't forget to use the #BeYou and tag @treaclemoon_uk .
You can take a picture that represents you being you from a quirky style to a picture with your friends.
You can also post on there facebook page a quote about the joy of being yourself.
Its entirely up to you :) 
"Expressing your true self is more freeing than trying to pretend to be someone else".

Merchandise can be found here

BulliesOut website is here