Efloral Brush Hair Straightener

Efloral Brush Hair Straightener

Anyone wanting straight hair will be looking at 

this Efloral Brush Hair Straightener product 

thinking will this work for me?

I was thinking the same about this product and 

have heard and seen lots of reviews on this 

product and done my research.

I wanted to see whether this would work and see 

what the hype was about.

Now when i received the product the box was 

plain and there was no leaflet or instructions

luckily i did my research and know

how to use this product.

The lead on this product is a pin that plugs 

into a universal plug, not a problem for me as 

my toothbrush is the same.

Once plugged in there are three black 

buttons on the side, POWER, +TEMPERATURE, 


You push the power button and the digital 

display shines blue, showing the device heat 

up to the temperature you desire which u can 

control with the + or - button.

It only took two minutes for the device to heat 

up and your ready to use.


Only use on dry hair and make sure your hair 

is fully brushed through, so there are no 

snags or knots, this isn't some magic wand 

but a brush device that can only straighten 

hair when hair is knot free.

ALWAYS use heat protection! Any heat on 

your hair without protection will damage your 


Section your hair into sections will make using 

this hair device more effective, rather than 

trying to use it over a large section of hair 

that the brush will not be able to get close to 

every hair cuticle to smooth down.

I ran the brush through every section and was 

quite impressed on how easy this ran 

through my hair, i could feel no heat only warmth 

from the silicon tips as my hand did slip and 

touch the brush heads( no burnt fingers), i could 

feel heat at the back of this brush but when using 

this device i always placed the brush on a 

heat protection mat and also when finished 

and pressing the power button to turn off and 

unplugged, i left it on the heat protection mat 

to cool down.

My hair felt smooth, soft and shiny when finished.

If your into your straightening irons then your 

going to be dissatisfied as the two are 

completely different.

This device is a more healthier for your hair 

concept after blow drying to straighten your 

hair without so much heat you get from 

straighteners that you are clamping 

down on your hair to achieve the more poker 

straight look.

So if your looking to step back from your 

straighteners but keep and achieve a style in 

quick time ( perfect for the morning)

i highly recommend the 

Efloral Hair Straightener.  X Neal.