Sleep with the S+ by ResMed

Sleep problems can affect anyone at anytime and this can be due to many reasons.
Now from one of the worlds leading producers of sleep medical equipment comes a personalised sleep solution the S+ by ResMed.
ResMed has been helping people with sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions achieve a better sleep, better health and better quality of life. 
The S+ by ResMed can help change your sleeping behaviour by providing personalised advice as well as some easy solutions to help you gain a good nights sleep.
The S+ arrives and instantly you are given key information on the box sleeve. 
There is no need for a wrist band or mattress strip as the smart technology this arrives with, it can measure your breathing and physical movements with ease.
You can improve your bedroom environment through feedback on how light, noise and temperature are affecting your sleep.
A choice of rhythmic sounds that synchronise with your breathing, slowing it down to help you fall asleep more easily.
Clear your mind by recording the things you need to do tomorrow.
A smart alarm gently wakes you from light sleep within a time window that you choose, helping you feel more refreshed.
Through monitoring and analysis of your sleep.
The S+ easily can be synced with your smart phone or tablet.
The pod easily sits in the frame and must be situated or placed above the level of your mattress so the sensor technology can monitor your breathing and body movement whilst also measuring the light and temperature levels, as these can affect your sleep.
The USB power cable supplied fits into the back of the pod and the other end into the power supply plug. Before turning on make sure you download the S+ BY ResMed app which is available in the Apple App or Google Play store and can be found by searching "S+ by ResMed". I found the app easily when i searched this in the Google Play store and it took under a minute to download. 
Once the app is downloaded, all you need to do is register and answer some quick questions about your sleeping patterns and lifestyle, by doing this you will get tailored feedback specifically for you.
Plug the pod into a power source and you will notice a red light which tells you it is not connected to your phone or tablet.
Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and once you are in the app it will successfully pair with the pod and the red light will turn to green.
I found setting up the pod and also using the app really easy and i was set up and ready to go in ten minutes. To get an accurate reading, the pod must be positioned by being angled towards your chest and also there must not be any obstacles so the pod can record your breathing and any movements made.
The pod being in the frame allows it to be angled and moved with ease, fitting into any set up you have in your bedroom.
Once everything is set up and positioned you are now ready to start monitoring your sleep.
You open the app, tap sleep and answer some questions about your day. It will ask you how stressful your day has been, how much caffeine have you had and how much exercise have you taken. 
The light on your phone will dim and your now ready to go to sleep. Once you have woken you select "stop tracking" on your phone or tablet and this will end the sleep monitoring. Its that easy!
The S+ app will then show you a score and a chart detailing your sleep. The S+ mentor will send you a message letting you know how well you have done and if there are any improvements that need to be made. On the second night of results you can see the difference from the results above to the ones shown here.
I think this is a really great product that combines technology to help solve any sleep problems you might be experiencing and it will help to identify what they might be. Thank you ResMed for sending me your product to review. 
I feel my sleep has improved and you can also improve your sleep with the S+ by ResMed.  X Neal.


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