gold face serum

I'm a huge fan of adding serums into my skincare routine, and this one is skin loving luxury!
Adding serums to your skincare routine means not only are you layering products to achieve and help your skin but the serums will help take your moisturiser deeper into your skin, Doubling the effects and benefits to your skin. Uskincare 24k gold foil facial serum with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid has all the information you need on the box and the directions state to use morning and evening and to apply to your face, neck and chest. 
The description of this skin loving serum reads:

"It is rich in Water, Plant Collagen,vitamin E ,vitamin c,vegetal and so on. It illuminates and brightens the skin immediately while rapidly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamin E and C are powerful anti-oxidants and readily utilised by the skin cells to protect against damaging free radicals. It helps your skin to repair itself and gives your skin a youthful and white, ultra smooth, glowing look with a citrus aroma. It also can protects against damaging free radicals and quickly adsorbs dirt and comedones."

Added benefits are:
*Increase collagen production in the skin.
*Brighten and tighten the skin.
*Reduce the effects of negative sun exposure.
*Help skin repair itself.
The bottle is absolutely stunning! The clear bottle instantly shows of the contents of this serum to its full potential with the gold foil sparkling.
The silver around the neck of the bottle and the silver top, gives this product an elegant but sophisticated appeal.
To access the product you unscrew the top and a glass dropper still attached to the cap is revealed.
On top of the lid is a button and it sucks the product up into the glass dropper and when you want to use the product, you press the button again and its drops the product onto your finger tips or palm of your hand.

I always apply serums to damp skin as it is recommended that damp skin is more permeable than dry skin. After you have cleansed or used a toner, i apply serums with the palm of my hands to activate the ingredients your serum might include.
The serum is clear with the gold flecks adding the glamorous touch to the serum and there is a faint scent of citrus which is barely detectable.
A little of this serum does go a long way and glides over skin effortlessly. As soon as this is applied to the skin you can feel the nourishing and moisturising benefits this serum packs!
It instantly is absorbed but doesn't feel sticky and no residue is left behind and your left with super soft skin that feels and looks non greasy!
This serum is a dream to use and you can instantly feel the benefits to your skin on first use!
If your looking to add something extra to your skincare routine i would highly recommend this serum to use, before you apply any other product.

                                                                  X Neil.