Jenna Jameson - Perfume

Whilst scouting through the perfume section online i came across this red luxurious bottle with cute heart charms around the golden detailing of the bottle.
I was surprised to read that Heartbreaker by Jenna, is in fact, the actual Jenna Jameson and was released in 2009.
I really like the bottle, as you don't really see the red bottle design in the market of scents and was eager to smell what the scent is actually like, so i purchased!
Now being a fan of Jenna's .... Jenna appeared on celebrity big brother in the UK and showed why she is a like-able, unique character with a great sense of humour. 
Heartbreaker, the scent, is created with allures of rose petals mixed with raspberry champagne whilst the heart of the scent brings night blossoming jasmine and magnolia. The base involves sandalwood, tonka beans and amber making heartbreaker a sexy sensual eau de parfum.
On first spray your senses are heightened by the huge burst of the rose petals and bubbling raspberry champagne, whilst the romantic jasmine and magnolia bring floral appeal to the mix. Sandalwood and amber bring depth to heartbreaker whilst the tonka beans bring a powdery vanilla that will have u smelling your wrist, over and over again.
Heartbreaker is a very intimate & unique Eau De Parfum and will stand out beautifully in your collection and from your usual daily fragrance. 
The scent lasts around 6-8 hours and generally sits close to your skin but will gently remind you, your wearing it throughout the day. 
This soft floral with that hint of fruit mixed with added warmth but sweet undertones, makes heartbreaker a must have for any fragrance wearer! 
You can even take the heart charms off and use as a keyring! X Neil.