Laila London - Natural Organic Skincare.

Looking after your skin can now be made easier and with a peace of mind, your using the best natural organic skincare available from Laila London.
Laila London is committed in offering skincare products that are handcrafted fresh in small batches at their boutique workshop in London whilst also containing the highest quality ingredients that will deliver a powerful but natural product that will keep your skin fresh, healthy and radiant.
Laila London commitment to the customer doesn't end there, they also believe that us, the consumer, should be able to understand the list of the ingredients their skin loving products contain to help ensure us what exactly we are using and putting on our skin.
The whole product range from Laila London contain no: 
*Synthetic Dyes, *Artificial Fragrances, *Artificial Preservatives, *Parabens, *Petroleum, *Mineral Oil, *Colouring, *Petrochemicals Or Tested On Animals.
Laila London are even committed to making a positive change in the world by eliminating unnecessary packaging and instead opting for using Eco-friendly, recyclable glass or plastic.
The Rose Organic Bath & Body Beauty Box 100% Natural Gift Set arrived in the branded LAILA box and once opened everything is wrapped in tissue paper helping to make sure all the products are safe when in transit.
In the box i received is:
Rose Body Oil - 100 ml.
Rose Water Mist - 100ml
Lip & Body Butter - 30 ml
Body Scrub - 380g which is 6.4oz
Each product is labelled clearly and lists all ingredients, the products contain.
Helpful directions can also be found on the products, if your not sure on how to use.
The Body Scrub which is rose coconut is in a sealed pouch. 
The smell from this scrub is absolutely gorgeous and is pure luxury to use! 
I apply the body scrub to wet skin and work in circular motions making sure i exfoliate all areas of skin on my body.
The body scrub is great to exfoliate all over and doesn't feel harsh like some scrubs i have used in the past.
Whats great is the body scrub is made with raw cane sugar as well as pink salt so its natural and organic!
This didn't leave my skin dried out or itchy thanks to the moisturising properties in the body scrub which are:
Sunflower oil, Shea Butter, Rose Flower Oil and more.
This left my skin super soft and moisturised whilst also being an excellent body scrub!
The Rose Body Oil which is excellent to apply to damp skin after a shower or bath is great to hydrate and revitalise your skin.
It comes with an eye dropper, so is easy to apply from the bottle into your hands for you then to apply to your skin.
The Rose Body Oil sinks into skin without much effort when massaging in.
The scent of rose is really calming to your senses and also leaves your skin lovely and smooth.
It feels really moisturising to the skin without that greasy feeling where your clothes stick to you and you just feel uncomfortable.
A delight to use!
The Rose Water Mist Is in a spray bottle and is effective to spray on your face with your eyes closed.
You can spray onto your face and neck and then wipe with a cotton bud or can be used without wiping the skin to hydrate.
I like to spray this on my face in the morning before applying any products and at night before bed.
This spray can be applied over products when you need a hydration boost during the day.
The smell is delightful and leaves skin feeling moisturised whilst restoring your skins pH balance and absorbs excess oils.
Quick and easy to add to your skincare routine!
Lip & Body Butter is in a tin that has a twist off top. This is great to put in your bag when u need some hydration and moisture boost during the day.
This leaves my lips so soft when i need an instant boost and will be for sure using this lip butter during the winter when most people suffer from dry lips. It does not feel overly greasy on the lips but leaves a natural shine to them.
You can also use this as a body butter but i use it on my hands and cuticles to help keep them soft.
You only need a small amount to apply, as the butter does cover a wide area and glides over skin.
Lovely gorgeous smell of that luxury rose scent!
This Beauty Box is a must purchase to experience organic and natural products that work even better than some well known branded products!
Each product works extremely well in moisturising the skin, whilst also caring and nurturing your skin thanks to its natural and organic ingredients.
Each product is so simple and easy to use and also to introduce into your skincare regime!
I have sensitive skin which is on the dry side and experienced no problems when using these products, Happy skin!
Lolita London offer not only skin loving products but also an organic hair care range, dental care, male grooming and a home fragrance range with luxury candles! X Neil.