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Any room your wanting to create an atmosphere in requires some sort of speakers to either enjoy listening to your favourite music or radio station.
Portable speakers have become popular with their added benefit of being just that "portable" by the speaker not being fixated to just one space, thanks to the leads we all used on old speakers back in the day.
Using bluetooth from your own phone to connect to a bluetooth enabled speaker was not only easy to do, but was also a quick fix for the user to enjoy their music playlist in seconds.
Technology is always evolving and it was only a matter of time before speakers evolved, bringing the consumer something new and different whilst also introducing a new shiny speaker in your home. 
August Multiroom WiFi Speakers offer the user a whole range of options on what these speakers can do for the listener. 
The options are:
Multiroom WiFi Speaker for Android And Apple Devices.
Bluetooth NFC Connectivity For Non WiFi Devices.
Audio-In Socket For Non Bluetooth Devices.
Integrated USB Port - Model WS300G.
Integrated Micro SD Card Reader - Model WS150G.
Long Life Built-In Rechargeable Batteries.
Unboxing both models which are the WS300G (The largest of the two) and the WS150G (The smallest) the speakers are protected well in the box packaging. You also receive a USB cable, Audio cable and a user manual.
It is suggested you charge the speaker fully before first use with the provided USB cable to a powered USB port, a full charge can take up to 7 hours. 
Whilst the speaker is charging this will give you time to download the App "Aug Alink" either from Google Play if you own an android device or if you have an Iphone from the Apple Store. 
Enable WiFi on your device and connect to your network. Switch on the speaker and after only 20 seconds the speaker will enter WiFi mode with the lights of the speaker letting you know what stage the speaker is at.
Using the app on your chosen device, whether that would be a phone or tablet, you can now proceed to run the application and press "WiFi Setup Wizard/Add Device". The wizard will glide you through the setup stages with ease and if you want to add another device to the list like the other model speaker you can do this by repeating the steps, the setup wizard takes you through.
That is not all the speakers can do, other benefits are:
You can connect your phone or tablet directly to the speakers WiFi network which then will turn your speaker into a router.
Bluetooth Connection, by enabling Bluetooth on your source device, you then proceed to scan for devices and select WS150 or WS300 to connect and once paired, the status LED light of the speaker will turn blue.
NFC Connection, Enable Bluetooth and NFC on your device and make sure the speaker is in bluetooth mode. Touch the NFC area of your source device against the NFC area of the speaker and they will automatically be paired together.
Multi and Solo Mode (WiFi Connection only).
Solo mode enables multiple speakers connected to the same network to play different music individually whilst Multi mode enables a group of speakers to play the same music, this option can be used to separate left and right channels between speakers.
The August Multiroom WiFi Speakers are by default in solo mode whilst the WS300 can play music from an USB stick the WS150 can play music from an inserted SD card. Another option is by using the provided audio cable you can connect your source device to the speaker.
Setting up the speakers is really easy and using the app to control the speakers gives the user many options in their control and at your finger tips. You can set up the speakers in one room or place in different rooms whilst enjoying the crystal clear sounds the speakers produce, at a touch of a button. Not only do these speakers look great they also don't take up much room, which is even better when your looking for available space in your home.
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Enjoy listening to your music anywhere around your home! X Neil.