Dry Body Brushing.

Achieving smooth soft skin as well as many other health benefits dry body brushing can help you with, the best thing is its easy to do!
Brushing your dry body before a bath or shower preferably in the morning will be an easy routine u can follow.
Start at your feet and always brush towards your heart using either small circular motions or long even strokes, both methods work well so its whatever one suits you best and you find the easiest.
Continue to brush all the way up your legs then over your abdomen, buttocks and back.
When reaching your arms, begin at your fingers and work your way up the arms, then brush your shoulders and chest down towards your heart.
Never use hard pressure with the brush around sensitive areas but u can change the pressure around areas like your feet as these are less sensitive.
Dry body brushing does have numerous health benefits and these are:
Lymphatic system:
In your body the lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. Hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules allow waste to be collected from your tissues and transported to your blood for elimination, This is referred to as lymphatic drainage.
Dry body brushing effectively removes dry dead skin and many benefits can be felt and seen when this method has been achieved. Soft smooth skin with a more healthy appearance.
Increase Circulation:
Dry body brushing increases circulation to your skin which then encourages elimination of metabolic waste.
Stress Relief:
Many users report that when they are dry body brushing they feel invigorated, because it feels so good. Likening it to a light massage that can reduce muscle tension, calm your mind and relieve stress.
You don't have to spend a fortune when purchasing a dry body brush. I would suggest buying one that does come with a handle, so you will be able to reach your back area. Start off with less pressure to begin with so you get used to the bristles of the brush, which gives you that sensation on your skin and body from the bristles.
Avoid brushing anywhere near broken skin or skin that is cut or wounded or that might have an infection. Just remember dry body brushing should be an enjoyable experience and not like you are taking a scouring pad to your skin. Brush, relax and enjoy! X Neil.