Sinivalia - Anti-Ageing - Cruelty Free - Skincare.

Looking for skincare products that are cruelty free whilst also being non toxic, can be a hard task.
Your aim with your skincare products is to achieve your healthier looking skin goal, whilst also not compromising the long term effects some products can have on your skin. 
Natural skincare products can work just as well on your skin and maybe even better, than products that have chemicals and other components that give u a quick fix to your skin problem but overtime will make it worse.
Sinivalia offer anti-ageing skincare products that are full to the brim of naturally derived ingredients whilst also being paraben free and cruelty free.


I have been using face oils for sometime now and am a dedicated user of oils in my skincare routine.
The sinivalia face oil is a great multi-tasker and easy to to introduce into anyone skins routine.
The face oil arrives in a brown glass bottle with a white eye dropper lid to help you use the product.
The label on the bottle states:
This rich, natural oil blend is the best cruelty free, non-toxic moisturiser on the market.
Suitable for all skin types especially beneficial for sensitive , damaged or dehydrated skin.
Suitable for vegan use, free of colours, parabens and artificial additives.
Formulated for all skin types.
Use with other sinivalia skincare products for optimal results.
Cupressus sempervivens, Coriandrum sativum, citrus paradisi, pelargonium roseum, citrullus vulgaris,
corylus avellana, simmondsia chinensis, prunusarmeniaca, oryza sativa.
Apply 1 to 2 times daily on damp skin. Natural skincare product for women and men.
The twist off cap then holds the eye dropper to drop the oil onto your fingertips and to apply to damp skin.
The scent of this oil is enchanting with citrus which helps lift your spirit but calms your mind.
When oil is applied onto your skin you will notice this oil has no colour, but feels luxurious when applied to skin and
is easily absorbed. This oil will not leave a greasy feeling to your skin nor any residue.
A multi-tasker this oil is, as can be applied over products to help those products penetrate deeper into your skin or you
can simply use before. You could add a few drops of this oil to your favourite moisturiser to maximise the anti ageing benefits
and moisture to your skin especially in the winter months when your skin is dehydrated and stressed from central heating and weather
conditions. You could use this after tanning or if you have been in the sun on holiday, to help your skin recover from the harmful effects of the sun.


A natural moisturiser that is a gel.
Sinivalia natural daily moisturiser rose gel arrives in a frosted glass pot with a twist on and off silver lid.
The 120ml moisturiser with naturally derived ingredients can be used daily and in the morning and evening.
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, makes this gel suitable for the whole family.
Once the lid is taken off you are greeted by a lovely clean, slightly sweet rose scent that enchants your senses whilst calming your mind.
The gel is of medium consistency but easily disperses when applied to your skin.
Glides over skin really easy and brings a comfort feeling when absorbing into skin.
I massage this in circular motions all over cleansed skin and leave to dry fully. You can apply a serum before this product and a
moisturiser over this rose gel if your skin is lacking moisture and your wanting an emergency hydration boost.
Using with other Sinivalia products as they work in conjunction with each other to give you flawless skin with added benefits.
The rose gel left my skin smooth, soft and hydrated with a matte effect to my skin and improved skin tone.
My skin did not break out whilst using this product.
If you are looking for a gel to add to your skin routine then i highly recommend this high quality face gel that is skin pampering and loving.


If your looking for a face cream that can be used day and night then look no further.
Sinivalia face cream arrives in a 150ml white tub with screw off lid.
The label on the front describes this as a non-greasy, silky moisturiser for fresher, younger looking skin.
This paraben free with naturally derived ingredients, smells absolutely luxurious with a natural scent that will have you smelling the pot every time you take the lid off.
The cream itself is white and of a thick consistency that soon disperses when applied to skin.
It glides over skin with ease which makes applying to skin really easy and comfortable.
Allow to be fully absorbed before applying any other products which usually takes under a minute.
Your skin is left smooth and soft and has a refreshed appearance giving the effect you have had a restful nights sleep.
You can use this in the morning on thoroughly cleansed skin and can be used as a night cream when skin is at its most regenerated state, repairing skin cells.
This cream did make my skin feel soft and felt moisturised through out the day. Also at night this makes a great cream to reach
for, knowing you are using natural derived ingredients to give your skin that extra boost and tender loving care it deserves.
This cream did not break me out. For the price and small amount of product you get with other brands, this face cream will
save you money with amount of product you get and will last you quite sometime as a little goes a long way.
If you are looking for a cream that will refresh skin tone, add moisture and have anti-ageing benefits, then this is the cream to choose!
A little of each product will glide over you skin with ease and i have always reached for these products to nourish and protect my skin. Purchased many months ago these products are still not empty, which works out to be a great cost effective investment for your skincare routine! Sinivalia also not only offer their great facial care products, but also a body and hair care range. X Neil.