ENERTOR Comfort Insoles - Usain Bolt.

The ENERTOR Comfort Insoles worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt are no ordinary insoles.
ENERTOR Insoles are made with D3O, a patented smart material that cushions the foot when moved slowly, but on impact the material locks together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state. You don't have to be a runner to feel the benefits of wearing the insoles. You may be experiencing pain in your heels or leg caused by poor footwear and not so good insoles. In fact it is stated that 70% of the population would benefit from an insole that offers protection whilst also offering support whilst walking, running or even standing on your feet all day. The ENERTOR Insoles are approved by clinicians because of the unique material used in them that are suitable for any body weight or age. 

The ENERTOR Insole Range Features: 


Ideal for sports and hiking, where space isn't an issue. Long lasting insoles to improve performance and reduce injury. The insole will reduce the amount of pronation (foot going inwards) and gives maximum control and stabilisation of the foot. Your posture will improve and you may well find this premium insole will make you walk further, run faster and jump higher. 
Available in sizes UK3 - UK14.


Perfect for everyday use and in tight-fitted shoes, where additional material in the toe box becomes too tight. To ensure the 3/4 length doesn't slide around under your foot, it sticks to your shoes. Protect your heel and mid foot and walk on air, or stand all day in comfort. This insole will protect your heel on impact and if you are suffering from heel pain this device will also protect your mid-foot. It will feel like having a new pair of your most comfortable shoes on, which may enable you to walk further and reduce injury.
Available in sizes: S (UK1 - UK5), M (UK6 - UK9)
and L (UK10 - UK14).


Perfect for any shoes or high heels. The heel cups stick to the shoes to ensure they sit correctly under the heel. Protecting your heels every time you hit the ground. Having a pair of discreet heel cups is a good start to improve your well being and to avoid heel pain, if you haven't already got heel pain. Walk further everyday in comfort. 
Available in sizes: S (UK1 - UK5), M (UK6 - UK9) and 
L (UK10 - UK14).

Wearing The Comfort 3/4 Lengths.

I was sent the ENERTOR Comfort 3/4 Insoles to try and was eager to find out just how great these would benefit my feet and how they would feel when walking on them. 
The key benefits about the ENERTOR Comfort 3/4 Insoles are:
1. Contoured Cushioning.
Durable, moulded sole for improved fit and comfort.

2. Shock Absorption.
Patented D3O technology reduces shock by 44% delivering the most advanced protection to reduce risk of impact injuries.

3. Durable Comfort.
Flexible and lightweight whilst also being designed for shoes with less volume. Suitable for all footwear.
The D3O patented shock absorbing material has been engineered to offer long-term cushioning and superior comfort, reducing potential heel pain and the risk of impact related injuries. It has been proven to give 36% energy return. The ENERTOR comfort 3/4 length insoles are designed to take up minimal volume in any shoe.
The insoles, when taken out of the packaging, feel and look like a luxury insole, with its bright orange colour on the underside and its black textured feel on the insole itself. The 3/4 insole is already shaped and fits smoothly into any pair of shoes you might be wearing for that day, all you have to do is get walking.
Wearing these in my shoes my feet felt comfortable throughout the day whilst my walk felt springy and supported. I have not experienced an insole that can deliver a comfortable feeling all day and keep delivering, day after day!
The ENERTOR Insoles last up to 7x times longer than any market leading insoles which means the ultimate comfort and cushioning power these harness, you will be able to experience for longer! 
Bye bye foot pain, hello to comfortable soles! X Neil.