Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Perfume

Trini Girl is the new perfume released by Nicki Minaj and is produced by the renowned Elizabeth Arden.
After purchasing Onika and blogging about The Pink Print and loving those scents, i was eager and intrigued to find out what Trini Girl would smell like and if it had its own unique character.
The box Trini Girl is packaged in, is a very different design from the previous fragrances from Ms Minaj.
A shiny gold background with pink wording and design, does help this box standout from other competition sitting side by side on the shops display shelves. Also featured on the back is a preview of what the bottle will look like before you open, which is great for when your shopping for scents and there isn't a bottle on display to look at.

Trini Girl - The Bottle.

The Trini Girl bottle is in the same form as Nicki Minaj just like her previous bottled scents. Some people are put off by this, but i think the design is very distinctive that its individuality sets itself apart from any other bottles you may own in your collection.
You know that when you purchase a Nicki Minaj scent you are going to get a doll-like bottle but whats so cool is, what will the doll-like bottle be like?
Trini Girl arrives in a bright pink bottle whilst also featuring gold detailing on the front. The spray head cover is the same concept of any other from the collection, the head of Nicki Minaj. 
Black hair with a shiny gold face and nude lip, looks like the same design as Pink Friday's spray cover head just with different coloured hair. The welcomed bright pink bottle is a nice addition and least you will be able to know which scent is which, when reaching for a scent to wear out of the collection.

Trini Girl - The Perfume. 

Trini Girl was created by Nicki Minaj to pay tribute to her Trinidadian origins and is labelled as a fresh floral-fruity blend. The top notes are sprinkled with litchi, blood orange, quince and sorbet whilst the heart is composed of apple blossom, Trinidadian chaconia flower and dewy leaves. Trini Girls ending composition ends with white musk and coconut cream. Trini Girl is a soft fruity heaven without overly being like a sweet like candy fragrance. It is quite a dimensional fragrance in the fact you will get short bursts of the different notes at different times and the more times you wear Trini Girl, you will discover its notes more. The musk and coconut cream brings a soft milkiness tone to this unique concoction and will have you smelling your wrist when applied.
A light soft skin perfume that lingers close to your skin rather than filling a room with its presence.

Trini Girl - Conclusion.

Trini Girl harnesses its own unique character from the Nicki Minaj fragrance collection, which is something you are wanting and some what expecting when you are buying from a scent range. Each scent has to have its own identity whilst also evolving and Nicki Minaj certainly achieves that with her appealing scents. 
Trini Girl isn't the loudest and longevity could of been improved for it to last longer, but its a welcomed new addition to anyone's scent collection. Trini Girl Eau de Parfum is available as a 30, 50 or 100 ml and also available is a body lotion, body mist and shower gel. 
Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Perfume £25/100ml - Superdrug - link 
X Neil.