Aldi Perfume - A Supermarket Scent?

Aldi offer three perfumes that are highly affordable without compromising on design and the scent. The three scents are all Eau De Parfum which means the scent should typically last 6-8 hours.
If your not sure on how your scent should perform and are wanting a scent to either last all day or are looking for lighter scent, the difference between a Perfume, Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette and a Cologne is the concentration of oils used in the fragrance.
Perfume is the most concentrated and can have up to 40% concentration of perfume extracts. Perfumes have a thicker, oilier consistency and the scent is released over a longer period of time, so much less is needed and is sold in smaller volumes but typically lasts up to 12+ hours.
Eau De Parfum contains up to 20% of the perfume essence, with more water and alcohol. It is also lighter than the perfume but lasts up to 6-8 hours.
Eau De Toilette (EDT) contains up to 10% perfume concentrates. Since it is lighter than the Eau De Parfum but lasts up to 4-6 hours which is great if you are looking for a lighter everyday scent.
Eau De Cologne, has up to 5% perfume concentration which will last up to 3-4 hours and is the least expensive.

Sun & Peace.

The Sun and Peace Eau De Parfum has pretty notes of white flowers and green fruit.
An exquisite perfume with a fruity, floral fragrance. Includes a pretty beaded bracelet with a peace sign charm. The description on the box states - from fruity to floral, this fragrance exudes an exquisite touch, conjuring up a unique ambiance with its powdery notes. Sun & Peace Perfume Gift Set 50ml £ 3.99.

Magic Love.

The Magic Love Eau De Parfum has notes of Jasmine and Orange Blossom with a musk heart.
This scent embodies feminine elegance, with subtle floral notes and a romantic character. Includes a pretty beaded bracelet with a heart charm. The description on the box states - This scent embodies feminine elegance and an air of carefree nonchalance. Its subtle floral notes and romantic character radiate the magic of summer.
Magic Love Perfume Gift Set 50ml £ 3.99

Endless Summer.

The Endless Summer Eau De Parfum boasts lovely oriental, floral and fruity notes.
A sweet, captivating perfume with a delicately fruity fragrance. Includes a pretty beaded bracelet with an infinity symbol charm. The description on the box states - With its slightly sweet note, the sensual composition initially captivates with its delicately fruity fragrance, ending with the scent and warmth of a romantic summer breeze. 
Endless Summer Perfume Gift Set 50ml £ 3.99.

Each aldi perfume really embodies a character of its own and gives you the choice to choose which scent to fit your mood or event of that day. Sun & Peace is an everyday scent, that can be your go-to scent when running errands of the day or meeting friends for lunch.
Magic love arrives with its very floral carefree scent and would be suitable for that night out when your having fun with your friends and dancing the night away.
Endless Summer is perfect for that special date night or your very first date thanks to its captivating romantic aroma.
Projection is good on first spray and then each scent will sit close to your skin whilst reminding you during the day of its presence. Each perfume is suitable for any age range and Aldi have done really great by introducing a range that not only smells great but also is affordable! Who knew a supermarket could produce a supermarket scent? X Neil.


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