Eat And Drink Your Way To Clear Healthy Skin.

If first impressions are everything, then your skin is your face’s first impression. And nothing makes an impact more than clean, glowing, healthy skin.
Some people might assume that you’re born with that type of skin. Others might assume that your daily cleaning and moisturising routine are the things that make the most impact on your skin’s look and feel. While those things are important, what you eat and what you drink can also make a huge difference into how your skin performs.
Take fruits and vegetables: They’re rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and all of those essential elements are helpful for your skin to repair and protect itself, especially from environmental damage such as the sun. The less food that you eat that’s processed, the better for your skin, too: It’s less for the body to have to work hard to eliminate, and more time it can spend on a flawless visage.
Want to learn more? This graphic can help.

Eat and Drink Your Way to Clear, Healthy Skin

Beauty starts from within and with great articles and graphics like above, you can inform yourself and choose which foods are good and bad, to the ones to avoid. 
Everyone wants their skin to be at its best potential and as the quote states "knowledge is power".
I always know when my diet has been poor as this reflects on my skin, but by making changes and introducing fruits and vegetables i might not have tried before, i have seen huge improvements in my skin from the choices i've made in what to eat and drink
Knowing which fruits and veg and other food sources that are important to skin health will lead you on the road to clear healthy skin. X Neil.